Fitness and Food In Week #1 of 2017

The first week in 2017 proved to be a challenge but ultimately was successful. Having Monday off was wonderful which meant we could go to the gym anytime of day to try and avoid the crowd which we did with success. Tuesday-Friday the gym was plain old crazy busy so I avoided it like the plague. (We have inside information since our son works at our gym)

All my daycare children returned to normal schedule…..but routine took awhile to find once again. Plus, they all brought back a cold virus of some sort so we shared in all these germs as well. Don’t we all love the holidays?

Being it’s the first week of the new year and I had my hands full during the week with numerous things among a house full of children…..I am pretty happy with my workouts this week.

Sunday: almost a 3 mile hike New Years Day


plus a home total body weight circuit


Monday: gym: 45 minutes elliptical, rowing, stretching

Tuesday: home: total body weight circuit, 3 mile evening walk outside

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: home: total body weight circuit, 3 mile lap walk at the mall

Friday: rest

Saturday: gym:45 minute elliptical, rowing and stretching

Meals this week were all eaten at our dining room table as a family except for one evening our son was gone. His work schedule changed with the new year and this makes dinner planning much easier. Plus, we all get to eat together, something we have not been able to do for quite sometime. On the menu this week we enjoyed sloppy joe salad with burger fixings. I simply take ground turkey and my homemade sloppy joe sauce and prepare the burger. Then I take salad fixings that would normally be on a cheese burger and plate them up with a serving of sloppy joe meat on top and drizzle it with dijon mustard. Yum!


Another dinner was Swedish meatballs over pasta. Super easy and a great comfort food in the winter months.



One night was tortilla soup….a family favorite.


And Friday we had breakfast for dinner…..which was homemade waffles with my homemade chicken breakfast sausage.


The next two weeks will prove to be an exciting time if we can pull off everything we have planned. However,  there are some big factors involved that could really hamper our plans. My goals are to stay positive that it will all work out, we will see everything we are hoping to see, and I will finally have part of my “life plan” in place by the time we are done. Now, let’s just hope the stars line up and it all plays out perfectly.


No Abdominal Workouts For Me

I came upon my one month mark where I was allowed to try an abdominal exercise of my choice according to my doctor. Needless to say, I did not even try!!! I wanted to in the worst way ever but I have learned to really listen to what my body is telling me and I know I am not there yet. Every evening when my daycare children leave I am sore, tender and tired.Clearly, I feel myself slowing down and getting sore faster toward the end of the week. I also figured out that frisbee is not my activity of choice quite yet. If my four year old could throw a bit better I could catch it, but since she is not quite at that level yet, every throw she makes I bend over and pick up. After 30 or so throws, I am done!!!!

I know eventually I will bite the bullet and give an ab exercise a try. Although, I am not willing to risk going backwards in my recovery. So for now, I need to be happy with what I am able to do and move on from here.

Here is what I did this week.

Saturday: 3 mile street walk

Sunday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, stretching

Monday: 20 minute recumbent bike, 3 mile morning walk, arms and back weight routine

Tuesday: 1.5 mile morning walk

Wednesday: 30 minute recumbent bike, arm routine, stretching, 3 mile evening walk outdoors

Thursday: 20 minutes recumbent bike, arms, shoulders and legs with 10 lbs of added weight today…..yeh!

Friday: rest

My weekend looks pretty uneventful at this point. With yet another snow storm expected tomorrow, it really puts a damper on my lifestyle. However, I do have quite the list of “to do” items to accomplish. I think we have finally figured out where we are headed this summer for a mini vacation. It’s all written down on paper, now I just need to book it all online.

I also have a list to order with my REI dividend that I have been working on spending since it arrived in my mailbox weeks ago. We plan to do a lot more camping this year and there are a few things I know will add to the enjoyment of this for me. Specifically, switching out my mummy sleeping bag for a down camp comforter.

And my goal is to attend the gym twice this weekend. Hopefully my body agrees and allows this to happen.

For now, you all have a great weekend…see you Monday.

Do you prefer sleeping bags or comforters for camping?

Where is your favorite place to camp and why?

My Weekend + High Hopes For The Week Ahead

It’s amazing how much improvement I have seen in a week. I am still working on stamina but it has definitely gotten better. My naps are shorter and not every day, which makes me happy.Which also means, I had some fun this weekend and got out and enjoyed life a little.

Besides making a trip to the mall every day last week to walk, I finally escaped the four walls of my home for a bit of fun on Friday. My two closest friends, that have been just a phone call away through this whole ordeal, took me shopping and out to lunch Friday. It was so nice to forget about pain,recovery, and medical issues and just feel normal for awhile. We had a few hours of fun, a fabulous lunch, and met a new friend while we were out. Isn’t he cute?


I have finally started contributing and doing what I can of the house chores again. My poor husband has had this all on him, with assistance from our son when he’s home, for weeks now. At least now I am able to do laundry with the help of my grabber. Although, the clean baskets of clothes still have to be carried by someone else, at least I am able to sort, wash, dry and fold them.


Sitting comfortably has been a challenge since surgery but I am happy to say we are back to family dinners at the table, which for this mom, is HUGE! Sometimes the only time we have as a family to catch up is dinner time so this is always a goal to do when we are all home together.


As for the week ahead, I have some very high hopes. I have a post op doctor appointment Monday and want to hear everything is healing nicely, I can get back to life as I knew it, I can go back to work and welcome all my kids back to our home,


I will be able to hike miles and miles on vacation,


and go back to my workouts that I miss so much.


Now whether this is what I all hear tomorrow will be seen soon enough I suppose, but it does not hurt to hope, right??? I do know hiking miles is not possible since I cannot walk miles and miles yet, I sure cannot hike it then either. And workouts will be limited at best, but anything will be something in my eyes.

So with a little luck maybe I will have some great trails to share with you all when I am back next time. I will be able to get back to posting my weekly workouts which I know some of you have ask for in the past. And I can come home tomorrow and call all my daycare families whom are all waiting patiently for the ok to return to Karen’s house again.

So for now I will wish you all a great week ahead.

Until next time….