What I Am Loving Lately….

With the season changing there are many things that are making a comeback into my life. And a few things that are also new that I would like to share with you all.

Here are a few…

Iced latte’s: yum, yum, yum! I think I would drink coffee chilled all year long if I didnt love the warmth of holding the hot cup in the early mornings during the winter months. So summer time is when I really enjoy my iced coffee.


Rainbow of colors in the yard again: We are finally outside on a daily basis playing and enjoying the fun colorful toys we have not seen in months. Another winter stuck inside officially survived by us all.


Tribe Hummus: During the week I get very little peace and quiet which is why I truly love to lay everyone down for nap and step out on the porch for an afternoon snack. My go to snack lately has been this hummus in the cucumber tzatziki flavor. It takes complete self control not to eat the entire container by myself.


My dream play house: I know what your thinking, a dream play house! Let me explain. Do you know how great it would be for our play area to be separated from my families living space in our home. Having an in home daycare is not all rainbows and butterflies. I often (always) feel like I NEVER LEAVE WORK. Which is one of the reason I am very rarely home on weekends since its the only time I feel like I get to leave my “office”. Which is why I fell in LOVE with this when we were walking one day on a recreational trail nearby. I think this would be PERFECT. Ahhhhh, pipe dreams….they are wonderful.


Argan Oil from Morocco: I am not a fashion or beauty expert by any means but lately I have been searching for something to help tame my hair frizz. Since surgery, back in January, my hair and skin have been so different. I am thinking its hormone related but gosh nothing seems to tame the frizz. Until, I came across this product. It’s in a small amount so if it did not work I would not have ANOTHER bottle of useless product and its was fairly cheap at $2.99 a packet. I am able to get three uses out of one packet for my hair length and let me tell you…..it smells wonderful. Like the tropics, the only thing missing is the drink on the beach with an umbrella in it. And it tamed my frizz in one use….which is awesome. I am sold and have already bought more.


Cacala Turkish towels: I bought these a few months ago and finally had a chance to use them while camping recently. Apparently, they were suppose to absorb water remarkably and dry in a very short amount of time. Plus, they are light weight and fold so much smaller than a bath towel. Well, after giving ours a try, I can attest to all these things. We used both of ours camping for showers and dried them on a clothesline in approximately 30 minutes or less both times. They are huge and do really absorb water nicely. I can’t wait to use them at the beach this summer.



Roasted turkey sausages: While sitting near the campfire one evening my husband got this bright idea to try roasting one of our turkey sausages that we often enjoy on the trail. I was willing to give it a try but I was not quite sold on the idea until after trying them. They were spectacular. I would even say they were better than last years invention of roasted marshmallows stuffed with bacon bits(alcohol was involved in this creation). If your ever in the mood for a mini hotdog I would gladly suggest giving this a try.


That should do it for the things I am loving lately.

Do you want to share anything your enjoying…..comment and tell us all.