A Weeks Worth Of Seen It/Heard It

Heard It: While traveling this week I heard on the radio that Green Bay is the #9 coldest city in the U.S. My first thought was, no way!!! Well, after doing some research I found that they are correct. One more reason to add to my long list of why we need to move south asap!!!!

Seen It: I follow a couple different blogs out there in blog land and was happily surprised when I read this post one morning. This person made of list of the best things she has done in her life so far. The one entry that made me smile was that she deleted her Facebook page. While I agree, Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch, I feel that many, many people use Facebook for some awful ,uncalled for, ridiculous reasons. I was very happy to see that this made her list of one of the best things she has did in her life so far. In my opinion, more people should consider this decision

Heard It: I am sure you have all heard that the Green Bay Packers are headed to Seattle this weekend to try and get a shot at the Super Bowl this year. Who hasn’t??? That is not what took me by surprise. What did is the price that these tickets are being sold for. All I can say is, do you know what fun me and my entire family could do with that kind of money for quite a long time in a very beautiful place? Just think about that for a moment…..you could have this same fun with your family and it would last more than just three hours (typical time of a NFL football game)!!!!

Seen It: I took the garbage out this week and on my way back into the garage I happen to look up and see my paddle board hanging on the wall:-( What I wouldn’t give for a quick paddle on a calm lake with the sun shining right now.


Heard It: I heard from one of our guide’s this week for our trip. Everything is set and ready to go. I am pretty excited.

Seen It and Heard It: While at the gym Wednesday night I happen to glance up at one of the televisions and saw a story about two guys making a record breaking climb on Yosemite’s Dawn Wall. Apparently, this climb took a awhile and I was not even aware it was happening until it was accomplished. (I am a busy person and social media rates very low on my list of things to do) Anyhow, I was amazed, proud, and simply inspired by these two men. Such a courageous yet rewarding thing to do in one’s lifetime.


Conquering My Fears

Conquering my fears is not something that normally I loose sleep over. However, for the past few weeks I have had this thought on my mind and I am not sure how to deal with it.

I have shared with with you all that we have a warm climate vacation planned for mid winter. We have started training and I know we will be physically ready to hike and try our hand at class III rock scrambling. Physically failing is not my issue, it’s mental. Ever since our last hike of the year at Devil’s Lake State Park here in WI where my family witnessed a gentleman fall from a bluff, I just can’t seem to forget that moment. And now, we are singed up to rock scramble with no ropes to the top of a mountain and I don’t know if my mind is going to allow this to happen.

I know my physical limitations and don’t usually push myself much further. Mentally is a whole different story. When we climbed Angel’s Landing in Utah, if I would have known what was ahead the entire hike up to the ridge, I know I would have had issues of panic. Thankfully, I did not know what was going to be asked of me and somehow I accomplished this. However, to this day I am still amazed with myself. I will admit, however, that I could have never accomplished this daring stunt without the support from our guides on this trip. I 100% trusted them with my life and that is not something I EVER do!

I already know that I will never forget what we witnessed here in WI and I know it will forever affect the way we hike at this park in the future. I always knew it could happen, I also know it could happen anywhere else we hike. It just scares me to know that even cautious, trained, physically fit individuals can make mistakes and one wrong move can forever change your life. I am not sure I am ready to risk this quite yet. I am not done living…. but at the same time, extreme activities are what make me feel alive. So what shall I do?

Do we cancel this hike/scramble and pick a different safer route?

Do we talk with our guide, explain our fear and see what he suggests?

Do I just suck it up and conquer my fear of falling?