Recent Random Thoughts

Hi, how is your week going? Mine is good….and almost over, yeh!!! Just a few more hours to go.

With no great workouts to share with you all since I am mostly just walking area trails and riding my bike giving my body time to heal, I thought I would share some random things today. My brain is often like a never ending trail to nowhere and sharing it sometimes helps relieve some of the “pressure” shall we say.


I’ve been up to a lot but at the same time not so much….is that possible? Makes no sense I know but that is how I feel lately. Summer has not been what I thought it would be and now we are into August and we all know what that means….it’s almost over! It’s weird to think my mind still runs on the school calendar when my son has not been in grade school for years already. How do us moms break out of this and just take every day as it is….I haven’t figured that out quite yet but I am working on it? Which is why, as of the end of August, I consider summer over. However, I know in my mind we have plenty of nice days left in September and even some in October but ultimately it comes to an end so quickly.


Speaking of September and October, I do believe I have over booked all our weekends once again for these two months. Fall is the best time in my opinion to hike, camp, explore the area and enjoy harvest time. Bugs are dying down some, colors start to appear, veggies are plenty, and it’s cooler so camping and hiking are much more pleasurable. Now I just have to find a way to tell my husband I only left him two weekends for hunting in the fall months….he may not like this very much!

Anyhow, let me tell about some treasures I have found lately. First, I must give a big shout out to Fresh Thyme Farmers Market here in our area. We have fell in love with their meat department and if you know me, that is saying A LOT! I am not a meat lover but my husband is. I have a hard time buying it, preparing it and eating it but my attitude has changed a bit since this store has opened. We are loving their meats.



I have also found an essential oil room freshener that I love and does not cost an arm and a leg. (I paid $7) I hate chemical fresheners and don’t want the overwhelming smell of a plug in oil freshener since I don’t want the aroma all the time. Which makes this spray perfect and I can use it when I wish and not gag when I spray it in my home like the chemical fresheners cause me to do. I know it says it can be used as a body mist also but I have not gone this route…I strictly use it for our home and vehicles.


Once again I am attempting to grow my green thumb and I am going to try and grow a prickly pear plant or two. We fell in love with this fruit in Arizona and I recently kept the seeds from one we purchased here in WI. I would bet it’s not going to grow and if it does it may not survive but I have to give it a try. Here’s hoping for a touch of the southwest in good old Green Bay. On the flip side, if I do not succeed at growing one myself I can always plan another trip for fresh fruit. I know none of my family would object to returning to this area.


Speaking of vacations, we are inching our way closer to our next one and I cannot wait to step foot on the A.T.( Appalachian Trail) once again. Back in January 2017 I made this dream come true and finally got to log some miles on the A.T. with my husband and son. Our next trip will bring us back to the A.T. only in a different state and I plan to log even more miles and hopefully make more wonderful memories. However, this time it will be just the two of us since our son recently started his new job and is not bale to join us for this adventure.


That shall be it for today. Enjoy your weekend…..that’s my plan.




Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Trails

I have been a life long resident of Green Bay for 40+ years now and I am ashamed to admit, it took me this long to hike the trails that are practically in my own backyard. Maybe that is exaggerating a bit….they may not be in my backyard but they are located about 15 minutes from my home and at a place I have visited numerous times throughout my life.

I am sure if you have ever visited Green Bay there are two places you have heard about….Lambeau Field and Bay Beach Amusement park/Wildlife Sanctuary. And rightfully so….they are two of the best places to explore when in the area. We are going to concentrate on the Wildlife Sanctuary today. Across the grassy lot from Bay Beach Amusement park you will find this treasure that offers so many things for families. From places to explore nature, places to feed the ducks and geese corn kernels, to places to hike. However, if your looking for somewhere a bit more secluded and peaceful to hike you may want to venture down past the main entrance about a half mile to the trail entrance. You will see a gated lot with ample parking and the entrance to the trails. NOTE: there is no bathroom at this entrance!


Make notice of the hours posted on the fence as they seem to be strictly enforced at every gated entrance. So unless you can climb a fence really well, I would suggest you watch the time while hiking.

Another thing to note is that there are no dogs allowed on the trails along with no snow shoes either. And according to staff, once the trails are groomed for skiers no hikers are allowed again until spring.


Within this gated wooded area there are quite a few trails and they are very well marked.It is very easy to add a few together to make a few hour hike or just do a quick little hike since most single trails are not long at all.





There is one hill overlook that will offer a bit of a challenge if your looking to break a sweat but other than that, most of the trail is flat or has very little incline. The hill lookout is optional and does not need to be climbed to continue down the trail.




Terrain can be anything from grass, wood chips, dirt or wooden boards in some areas that cover water.



You may think being in a fenced in area that the trails would not have much to offer but even I was amazed at this area. You would never know you weren’t hiking in the forest somewhere. We came across deer scrapes,


bald eagles,


and deer all in a few miles.



I am sure soon enough there will be snow covering this area if you wish to ski this trail in the winter months, but for right now, we will be making this a repeat hike as much as possible. There is a lot to see here and right now the ponds are still not frozen and neither is the trail.






Setbacks Are So Discouraging

As I mentioned last week, I needed to take a bit of a step back from my exercise routine with the small setback in my recovery. I stopped lifting weights for the most part but did continue doing some sort of cardio almost everyday.

As for my week, it was quite crazy. We had gorgeous weather almost every single day which we took full advantage of by playing outside for hours. Which made nap time for my kiddos peaceful and awesome for me to accomplish a few things during this time.

I was on the fence all week whether we should pack up and go camping or not since the weather forecast was not the greatest. Although, after some thought, I figured at least 50% of the time the forecasters are wrong so why not take a chance and see what happens. Thankfully, if we do need to sleep in the SUV, we are prepared after a little construction work to make this possible. I love that my husband just goes with the flow and makes the plans in my head happen in real life.


On that note, here is what I did for workouts this week.

Saturday: Gym: 30 minute elliptical and leg weights

Sunday: 2 mile trail walk


Monday: 30 minute recumbent bike and stretching in the early morning


and a 4 mile family walk in the evening where we saw so much wildlife.



Tuesday: 50 crunches and 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym

Wednesday: 20 minute recumbent bike and floor routine with light weights

Thursday: floor weight routine with light weights, 1.5 mile walk

Friday: rest (no exercise but since temps are suppose to hit 80 today we will be running around playing outside ALL day which is far from rest in my opinion…..but I love it!)

If all goes well, I will be back Monday with some pics from our 1st camping trip of 2016.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

Trail Page Addition

I receive so many questions in regards to hiking trails that I often share on Natural Red that I thought it may be easier to add a “trail page” to the mix.

I will continue to write posts regarding any trails we hike and what we find along the way, but you will find these same trails on the “trail page” for faster reference if ever you are looking for something you read here in the past. This page is a work in progress as we have hiked so many trails over the past few years that it has been very difficult to remember every last detail and mile. I will continue to work on posting them here and have plans to go back and hike some of them over again just to gather the information needed to write about, which personally I am looking forward to:-)

If ever you see a trail that you need more information on, please do not hesitate to contact me. If I know the information you are searching for I would be glad to share it with you. And if you are ever in search of a trail partner(s), depending on our personal plans, we or I would be very happy to hike along with you.

You will find the new “trail page” on the top tabs or you can also click here: Hiking Trails


Weekend Snapshots

We had a weekend I dream of all winter long, it was 85-90 degrees, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous. We originally had plans to attempt a 6 mile hike on Saturday but when I saw the forecast I knew my husband would not be a happy hiker. So we changed plans and headed to a friends cabin to take full advantage of the beautiful lake they are on. Which then left Sunday (the cooler of the two days) for a small hike along the Bay of Green Bay where there was a nice breeze.

Here are some snapshots of our weekend.

Cave Point County Park



Lake Fun With the SUP




Pizza Delivery After A Day of Water Fun


TENS Therapy  For My Hubby To Finish The Day


Sunday Afternoon Hike Bay Side



IMG_1677  IMG_1687  IMG_1697  IMG_1669

Ending The Weekend Purchasing Our Annual Date Night Tickets To Feast With The Beast 2015


I really do have to admit, even with all the struggles that have been thrown our way this summer, we are still able to have fun and enjoy what we can. We have really learned not to take life for granted and enjoy the moments we have because you just never really know when those moments will no longer be possible. We had a great weekend, spent it with some great friends, we were active, we were able to escape the dramas of life, and most importantly relax and let all our worries be gone for a few hours. For this I am so thankful for.

Did you have a great weekend?

Did you do anything active?


Currently I am…..

Reading: Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart by Carrot Quinn

Enjoying: All the time I am spending on my standup paddle board while my husband does water therapy in nearby lakes and the bay of Green Bay.


Missing: Morning walks with a friend of mine. She is a crossing guard so during the school year we walk every morning. Since school is out for summer break we have only walked a few times and I miss this social time.

Eating: Spicy everything….I was never a spicy foods lover until about a year ago. I am not quite sure why my tastes are changing but I am enjoying it.


Struggling With: Our recent lifestyle. Ever since my husband was put on weight restriction with his back/nerve injury we have not gotten to do many things that we love to do. No disc golf, no whitewater kayaking, no tennis, no nothing and it’s driving both of us crazy.


Making Me Smile: I walked into the gym this past weekend and noticed two new stair master machines. I was standing next to one when my husband walked out of the locker room with a look of Christmas on my face and he rolled his eyes at me. How could I not give this a try? It was calling my name the second I saw it. Super awesome!!!!

Anticipating: Our upcoming vacation. I have no idea what or if we will achieve everything on the list that we had hoped to do thanks to these medical issues. I just really want a safe, enjoyable trip as a family.

Waiting Patiently For: MRI results and a game plan on how to fix my hubby.


Researching: Yurts for a possible Christmas vacation in the wilderness


Have you ever stayed in a yurt?


During what season?

Walking For A Purpose….Breast Cancer Walk 2014

This past Saturday I rolled out of bed bright and early to do something I love to do….walk. Only today my walk had meaning behind it. I took part in a breast cancer walk to support women with breast cancer.


In the past year we have listened to our neighbor agonize over what her sister has been going through while dealing with this illness. We have also watched as the mother of one of our son’s friends has fought this battle. I, myself, dealt with quite the scare less than a year ago and will forever remember the feelings I had while this was all happening.


As you can imagine when I was asked to walk, I gave no hesitation at all. What better reason would I have to walk with such a great group of individuals than to support such a wonderful cause?