Get Up and Move Update- October

It’s the end of October and we are almost finished with this years commitment of moving our bodies 30 minutes a day. I must admit, nothing is really going to change for me once January comes but for some of you moving all year will be a wonderful, healthy success you should all be very proud of.

Let’s see here, October for us has been quite busy but not pain free for me by any means. I mentioned that I have been dealing with some ankle pain for the past few months. Ultimately, that did not stop me from doing many of the things I love to do. My family made the entire west and east bluff loop at Devil’s Lake State Park a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Five hours of hiking happiness;-)

The next weekend I participated in a breast cancer walk which was three miles.

We have been getting back into our gym routine slowly and still making time for nightly walks when I am able to withstand the pain in my ankle.

And by no means have my afternoon workouts been effected, I still do this every day. I find it relieves morning stress and gives me the energy to make it through the afternoons.

So all in all, the month of October has been productive considering my ailment of a sore ankle. With the time change and less hours of daylight, I plan to really get back to the gym in the next month since walking in darkness is not one of my favorite things to do. Plus, we are working on finalizing our training plan to be ready for our vacation that is coming up.

Share with me what you did this month to keep healthy and active. I would love to hear from you.

Get Up And Move Update-June

June has been a month of tons of activity. I had no problem what so ever accomplishing 30 minutes per day of movement.

Let’s see, hubby and I finally made it to the tennis court. We played numerous games of disc golf, even had our neighbor give it a try with us. I have religiously made it to the gym twice a week for the whole month. And I have enjoyed my standup paddle board more often this year than any other year before.(July Goal #1 accomplished)


Kayaking has been a bit of a challenge with our son not able to paddle due to his broken collar bone but we have been out without him once or twice. Of course I am finding time to walk, if not at night with my hubby, then during the day with all my daycare kiddos. I even found myself walking with our son three times a day right after his accident to get his stamina back up after his head injury and concussion.

My hope is to take advantage of yoga in the park before summer is over and also start hiking real soon again. However, right now we are fully booked with everything else that we can’t even think about trying to add more to our lives.

I just hope your all finding the time to Get Up And Move!

Tell me, what have you been doing?

Have you tried anything new?

If you could try something new, what would it be?



Get Up and Move Challenge Update- June

Hey everyone how’s it going? Are you still moving? Did you decide to participate in the get up and move challenge?

We are so in summer mode here at our house that 30 minutes of active movement is never an issue. Even though my gym time has been cut way back from what I do in the winter months, I know I am burning more calories now. My days are packed with outside play with all my daycare children and my nights are packed with anything and everything you can think of. I really try and make it to the gym at least twice a week and the remaining nights we walk, play disc golf, or hike.

Our weekends are spent mainly paddling either our kayaks or my SUP. Two totally different animals but both are great workouts. My SUP offers me a full body (especially a core) workout where kayaking for me is mostly upper body. Once in a great while I will squeeze in some time at the gym on a Sunday if the sun is not shining or the weather is unfavorable for anything else outside.

Regardless, I still have my home gym workout happening every single day Monday-Friday. I can’t go far during the day when the kids are napping so having a home gym is perfect, all I have to do is go downstairs and it’s right there.

As for my husband, he is also still going to the gym on a much more regular basis than I am. His job is much less physical than mine on most days. He works more with his brain than his body and gets done much earlier than I do. So sometimes he will stop on his way home, workout and still make it home for dinner and then go for a walk or hike with me at night.

Ultimately, we are moving, moving, moving right along.

Tell me what you are finding for active fun in these wonderful summer months.

Have you tried anything new?


Get Up and Move Challenge Update


How is everyone doing on their 30 minutes of movement?

In case your new to Natural Red, I posted back in January a challenge for everyone to give a gift to themselves and get up and move for 30 minutes at least 6 days a week. You can check out the original post here: Get Up and Move

For us here things have really changed since the nicer weather has arrived. We still make it to the gym at least two nights a week and usually 1 day on the weekends. The other nights we change it up fairly often. If we are not walking three miles after dinner we may be walking a disk golf course having fun,

IMG_2614 playing tennis at a local park or


hiking an area trail.


We are also hoping to start hitting area rivers and lakes with our kayaks and standup paddle board. It just needs to be a little warmer.

Share with me what you have been doing in your area. Has it changed with nicer weather?

If you have not started this challenge yet, now would be the perfect time to make this commitment to yourself. You have so many options so just GET UP AND MOVE 🙂

Your body and mind will thank you.



March Check In…

It’s been a month since I have checked in with everyone to see how your Get Up and Move progress has been.

It should be getting easier with nicer weather. I’ll be honest, this last month for me has been rough but I have managed 30 minutes a day religiously. I am just thankful I have workout equipment at home that I am able to utilize while my kiddos nap. We have had so many appointments after work, that there were three nights this month we just had to skip our nightly routine. Either way, 30 minutes was achieved one way or another and I should be proud of that.

I must say with the snow and ice melting, we have gone back to walking outside after dinner which makes me extremely happy. I am super excited to start getting my kiddos outside to burn off some extra energy also. We have been discussing walking to the park and riding bikes for a few weeks already. Even my son is preparing for outdoor activity, he recently brought his bike in for a Spring tuneup.

Now that life has somewhat gotten back to normal after a crazy month, I am looking forward to getting back to normal routine. Soon my 30 minutes will be hiking, paddling and beating my husband at a good game of tennis. I can’t wait.

Keep up the good work everyone:)

Get Up and Move Update-Week 4

Monday 1/20: 30 minutes cycling and stability ball workout (at home), 30 minutes on the arc trainer, 15 minutes cycling and weight lifting (at the gym)

Tuesday 1/21: off

Wednesday 1/22: stability ball and 30 minutes of cycling (at home) and 30 minutes of HIIT on the arc trainer, 15 minutes cycling, and lower body weights (at the gym)

Thursday 1/23: 3 mile walk, 30 minutes of cycling, stability ball and light weights today

Friday 1/24: 30 minutes of HIIT on the arc,  15 minutes cycling and weight lifting (at the gym) and 1 hour of yoga at home

Saturday 1/25: 30 minutes of HIIT on the arc trainer, 20 minutes of cycling and legs/abs

Sunday 1/26: 30 minutes on the arc trainer, 20 minutes cycling and upper body/abs

This will be my last weekly update on my Get Up and Move Challenge. Occasionally I will check in and see how everyone is doing. I want to encourage you all to keep up the good work, and continue moving. If you have fallen behind don’t be afraid to start over on any day and just start moving again. 30 minutes is so little to ask you all to dedicate to yourselves and your bodies. I believe anyone can accomplish this if they really want too.

One of the things I have found very helpful in being successful with my workout plans is actually scheduling them into my day just like an appointment. I will take a look at my next weeks plans on Sunday and literally make a schedule of what and when I will get my workouts in. This next week looks like this:

Mon: home routine/ gym at night

Tues.: home routine/3 mile walk at night

Wed: off/ gym at night

Thurs:home routine/ 3 mile walk at night

Fri.: yoga at home/ undecided at night: off or gym

Sat.: gym

Sun.: gym

Many people plan there weekly meals, don’t forget to plan your weekly workouts too.

Keep up the good work everyone. Your body will thank you:)

Let’s Reminisce / Get Up and Move Update Week 3

I have made it very clear that the months of winter are very long for me. So I thought we would reminisce together. If you miss the sunny skies of summer, sunscreen, wet beach towels, tailgate meals, dirt covered hiking trails and just about anything else that pertains to summer, please enjoy these pics with me.

A winter hike today


A summer hike in the future to look forward to.


Our VERY icy beach today


The same gorgeous sunny beach we will wait patiently to see again in the summer.


A friend we came across while winter hiking


A warm weather friend I wouldn’t mind seeing again.


My husband climbing the ice mountain alone


A much more enjoyable mountain we could climb again together.


Our very dry kayaks hanging in the garage.


The way we would rather see our kayaks. WET!!!


Oh, if only I could make our rivers flow and warm up sooner…..

And last but not least, the lighthouse we aim for when fishing on the big lake in the summer months. This lighthouse is my savior because that means we are almost to the bathrooms after HOURS of fishing.

Today it looks a little frosty with splattered lake water frozen to the side of it.


And here is a look at it in the summer months with no ice crystals nearby.


Gosh, do I miss summer. I just keep thinking, everyday brings me a little closer to the time of year I love.

Enough reminiscing, time to move on…

Now for the GET UP AND MOVE UPDATE for week three.

Monday 1/13: 30 minutes on the arc trainer, 15 minutes of cycling and weight training (all at the gym)

Tuesday 1/14: 30 minutes cycling, and 30 minutes of floor exercises at home, 45 minute yoga dvd

Wednesday 1/15: 30 minutes of cycling(at home), 30 minutes on the arc trainer, weight lifting, 15 minutes of cycling (at the gym)

Thursday 1/16: 3 mile walk with my hubby

Friday 1/17: 30 minutes cycling and 30 minute stability ball workout with hand weights (at home)

Saturday 1/18: 30 minutes on the arc trainer, 15 minutes cycling and weight lifting (all at the gym)

Sunday 1/19: 30 minutes on the arc trainer, 20 minutes cycling and weight lifting (all at the gym)

This week has been amazing. Great workouts even though we arrived at the gym a few times this week and cars were parked on the street due to the lot being full. The joys of New Year’s resolutions….it will slowly clear out in the upcoming weeks, I am sure. At least the gym has plenty of equipment, which means we did not have any trouble getting in what we needed to in a reasonable amount of time.

So how are you all doing on the challenge? Are you getting in 30 minutes? Are you feeling more energized? Are you sleeping better? I can attest from what my husband has seen since he has started his new routine, that he is feeling much better all the way around. He has so much more energy. His first two arc trainer sessions were killers but he is now up to 30 minutes at one time at a very good level and his heart rate is perfect;) Which makes his wife (me) very happy. I hope you are all seeing the same successful outcome that he has seen.

For me, well, the 30 minutes is really not much of a challenge. I normally workout a lot and I know this. My workouts are more for happiness than exercise. Which may sound odd, but exercise just really makes me happy. With my birthday coming up here in a few months I am just so grateful I am as active as I am at this age. It’s sort of odd to think what I was like when I was 25 because I did not do much at all when I was younger. Now, there are days where I just have to say enough is enough and just stop moving for the day.