Weekend Happenings

Friday night after a long week of work, and surprise landscaping that my husband decided we needed to do this summer, we went out for dinner. It was a new restaurant to us called Rustique Pizzeria that we actually taste tested at the Feast with the Beast Monday night.

We arrived and saw that they had a great outdoor seating option which we took advantage of on such a nice night.


Upon arriving, I noticed that almost every table had the same appetizer ordered. Pesto fries, which I had never heard of before. I knew there was no hope what so ever for us to order that, because my husband does not eat pesto. He claims it reminds him too much of the under side of a lawnmower!!! So, while reading the menu I noticed you could get a sandwich and add pesto fries for a small amount extra. (I have not eaten fries in years, but these sounded tasty and I love pesto, so I splurged) He ordered the margarita pizza, and I ordered the veggie sandwich and pesto fries.



Oh my, I was in heaven. They are everything I imagined, and so was the veggie sandwich. I even tasted his pizza, yum- yum- yum!

I told him anytime he wanted to go out, this would be my top choice of restaurants.

Saturday our son went sailing for the first time with some friends as a last hurrah before they all go their separate ways to college in a few weeks. Which left us alone. We decided to go fish Lake Michigan out of a different port this time.


We went past some cool tugboats along the way.



Although we did not have any luck catching fish, the water was perfect and the weather was tolerable. No rain just a little chilly at times.

It ended up being a nice weekend, with some well deserved down time to relax.