A Sunday Drive To The Fish Hatchery…

We were able to sneak in a little time this past weekend to take a drive to Kewaunee, WI and watch all the trout and salmon coming up to spawn.

We arrived at the fish hatchery and it was obvious others had the same idea. We ran into many people here to witness the same thing.



We immediately saw many trout and salmon all along the river. This is the Fall run and it brings many spectators. Some fishermen do try and catch them while fishing well downstream from the hatchery. (No fishing is allowed in the area we were in)

Sizes varied greatly among the fish.



Clearly they were all quite determined to make it upriver to spawn.


This hatchery has a nicely paved walkway and a great viewing window for the kiddos to get up close and personal.


Next, we made our way to a park nearby called Bruemmer Park. Here we had the pleasure of feeding the deer some green leaves off nearby trees.



The fawn was not as brave and just would not come close enough.


The chickens were very interested in getting a snack also.


After this we headed to Algoma, WI and did some fishing from the pier. It was so gorgeous and the water was perfect for stand up paddling. If only I had thought to bring my board!!! Oh well, maybe next year. I am certain the water had to be freezing anyhow.


That was all the fun we could fit in to this weekend. Chores, yard work and home maintenance were high on the to do list , but we made great progress. Next weekend we have much more fun plans to look forward to.

Smoked Fish, Tennis and Another Boating Activity

On the 4th. of July we decided to hang around home and get to some things we have been meaning to accomplish for some time. My husband has been meaning to smoke some fish but it’s a timely process, and let’s face the facts, who has enough time on the weekend? Not us! So he did what he needed to do, and a few hours later we were the lucky taste testers.Yum, Yum!



While he did that, I went shopping for graduation party supplies, washed both our vehicles, and started packing for the two upcoming days worth of water activities.

Later in the afternoon, it was hot,humid and sunny. Which gave me the strong urge to play tennis. I love to play when it’s hot, the hotter the better. I was amazed when I did not even have to beg for him to play, he was ready and willing. So, to the court we headed.


We arrived at our favorite court and found that one side of the court was nicely shaded(his side)


and one side was nice and sunny(my side)


So, we battled it out for about an hour. It was a great game, and I couldn’t have been happier playing with anyone else. Thank you honey!


That pretty much ended our day. Only to wake up this morning bright and earlier to hit the road.

He had asked days ago if we could all go fishing as a family on Friday, since we all had the day off. This may shock you, but yes, we do own another piece of water craft that you all have not heard me mention before. We hitched up our fishing boat, and headed to a lake my husband grew up fishing on with his grandfather. We started our day with a beautiful sunrise.


This lake is actually three lakes all connected together by a swamp like area that you can maneuver your way through if your careful.



It’s like a turtles little piece of heaven, with logs and lily pads everywhere.


It’s a beautiful area. When we arrived it was so peaceful.


As usual, it did not take long for my husband to catch the first fish.



And the second fish…



Then my son decided it was his turn to catch one.


Let’s just say, he had nothing to brag about to his buddies, but a fish is a fish.

I, on the other hand, did not catch a single fish the entire day. Maybe I was a bit too relaxed enjoying the piece and quiet.


The fact that I had fun, is enough for me.

After some hours of fishing, we arrived home to unload and repack for our kayaking adventure tomorrow. We are headed to a river we have not been down for two years because of low water levels. There is a good sized group of us going, and should be fun. Time will tell….

Until then…

Another day of paddling and another pair of lost sunglasses…

Today was another day of paddling, just not as high adventure as yesterday. I finally got to take my new stand up paddle board out in a near by lake that we enjoy occasionally. Small lakes are not usually our first pick of bodies of water, but at this time of year, it is much warmer than Lake Michigan, which is where we would prefer to stand up paddle. So, my son and husband had the recreational kayaks to fish from, and I had my new board.



When we exited the truck upon arrival, we all sort of took a deep breath, because this lake is located near Lake Michigan, and the air temperature, compared to when we left home was already quite cooler. I knew this would not be great, even with the sun shining but I was determined to enjoy my new board. I paddled first while the boys ventured off to fish.I was not nearly as shaky as the test run I took before purchasing it. It felt quite natural to tell the truth. I absolutely love it!!!!

After I was done, it was my husband turn. He took a tour of the lake on the search for fish, but did find much.



Then is was my son’s turn. If you recall a past post when we went test driving the boards, he did not try one out. He was in charge of pictures, and besides, the river we had to test them out on is not a great river to fall into. He opted out, and took our word for it which board was the one we wanted. So, this was his first time on a board since last summer. He was somewhat shaky at first, but after he found his happy feet spot, he was off paddling like he was a pro. That is until he was coming into the beach area to end his trip. He flip the paddle to lay it on the board and hit his sunglasses and in they went. Right to the bottom of the lake.


We usually loose one pair of sunglasses every year to a river or lake. I guess this year we are stating off quite early.

After boarding and fishing, we had a picnic lunch and decided to pack it all up and head home. I ate lunch with three shirts on and wrapped in a beach towel, I was so cold. Can you imagine if I was wet? Oh my, I don’t even want to think about being that chilly. So, we knew there was no hope of me going back for another paddle, at least not today.

Since I had been delaying grocery shopping because I knew we were going to be out most of the weekend, we did not have a whole lot of choices for dinner. So, we called it a night, found the take out menu for a local restaurant, made some margaritas, and relaxed on the front porch together in the sunshine.

We now have one day left of our long weekend. The first thing on the agenda early tomorrow morning will be grocery shopping. Then who knows. Maybe disc golf, maybe a hike or geocaching or maybe even some tennis. We’ll see what unfolds tomorrow.

I hope your all having a a great weekend so far.