Farewell February…. March…..Oh,How Long I have Waited For You

February 28…I know we still have a pretty thick snow cover outside, I am also sure we have more coming but I will gladly flip my calendar tomorrow to March with a smile on my face.

I can’t explain why, but winter for me is officially over in March. I know technically Spring does arrive in March, but that’s not it. In my eyes, I have made it through the worse, December, January and February. March is when the snow cover really starts to melt. By the end of the month I can usually see the edges of my lawn, daylight savings time begins again and we start planning some of our Spring/Summer outings.

We always have such a busy month, with my birthday at the beginning of the month, my brother’s birthday in the middle and my hubby’s at the end it’s like a month of celebrations.  We never have any big parties or anything but just a simple dinner is exciting when you’ve been enclosed inside for months due to one of the harshest winters we have had in a long time.

We will be attending our favorite kayaking convention real soon. We have a great Easter celebration planned for April traveling to some gorgeous waterfalls. We have started our list of hikes we want to take this summer. We have already planned a few camping trips, and can’t wait until the ice on area rivers melt. Just get me out, let me breathe fresh air, see people and enjoy nature.


Bidding Farewell to January

Today being the last day of January gives me hope that February can only be better. It has been a long month for us. I will gladly flip the page on the calendar to February.

I normally am prepared for all the normal January things to happen. New health plans start, deductibles start over, grocery prices are noticeably higher, all my daycare kids come back from the holidays sick from seeing so many people and eating so much junk, etc.. Although, this January someone up above seemed to think I needed a little more stress.

First with a back ailment for two weeks, which made me pretty crabby. Ok, so I’ll be honest, I was a down right bitch, pain is not my friend. Finally, I made an appointment to visit my chiropractor and between him and my massage therapist(my hubby) I am feeling much better.

Then our refrigerator decided to start smelling of melting plastic..which after 20 years I guess I should have been happy it lasted this long. What woman does not like new shiny appliances, right? Well, I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I do like our new refrigerator but I was also content with the other one. Oh, and the most stressful thing about the whole refrigerator event was the delivery and installation of the new one. Although, being the hot headed red head that I am, I took care of that issue the next day and was refunded a nice chunk of money for their carelessness. Which made me very happy:)

Then two days after the refrigerator event, our truck transmission decided to leak. Spectacular!!! I have no idea why, but if there is one thing I hate spending money on it’s vehicle repair. Oh and don’t forget, it’s -40 outside with the wind chill on this date, so my husband was not about to even look at it until it warmed up. Yeh, -40, you read it right. Crazy! So after two days of wicked temps, my husband and son took it apart, installed the new part and thankfully, so thankfully they were able to fix it for a grand total of $55.00. Then two days after that, another leak from a different area. This time it was brought in to be repaired because again we had wicked wind chills and who wants to take apart a cold metal vehicle when it’s this darn cold. Needless to say the bill was not so pretty this time.

Then we had a health scare with my husband, but after a visit to the doctors office, everything turned out fine with this. My advice for everyone is,”when in doubt, get it checked out.”

Which brings us to today, the last day of January. My back is feeling good, we have our new refrigerator, our truck is repaired, we are all healthy and tomorrow is February. Thank goodness.