Art Is Everywhere….Even Geocaching

This weekend my hubby and I logged a few miles of geocaching. And this happened to be the most artistic day on the trail I have ever experienced.


Whoever constructed this section of geocaches added a fun flair to this activity. From caches made to look like snakes slithering up trees(which yes, I spotted first),


to caches with goggly eyes that were hid behind small capes hung by wire bent art,


to log animal caches strategically hid.


I mentioned while hiking down the trail that maybe the deer hunter who put so much time and effort into this deer stand also had a hand in these geocaches. He did not think so, although, I still wonder if maybe it’s possible. Most deer stands are not nearly as nice and colorful as this one here in WI. Most look to be falling down and a hazard to climb up into. This was quite the sight to see deep in the wilderness. IMG_3001

While geocaching today we were lucky enough to come across a Geo Bug that we plan to move real soon to another location. We have the perfect spot and hope it travels far and wide. IMG_2988

We eventually came to a river crossing today and I was happy to see water still flowing and not much ice to be seen quite yet.

IMG_3011 IMG_3008

We have been experiencing gorgeous weather here in WI so far this winter. Of course, that is if you are not a snow lover, cause there is none on the ground and none in the near future. That, right there, is a reason to celebrate the season in my eyes!!!

As you can see, with sun in my eyes and mud on my boots, I absolutely loved hiking today with my best friend.


****In case your wondering why the blaze orange attire today… in WI it is deer hunting season. Better safe than sorry:)


Happy Thanksgiving/ Recap Of November

I can’t believe November is almost over. However, I can only hope that the rest of the winter goes as fast as this month did.

So much has happened this month. First, I  joined my first aqua zumba class and was amazed at the easiness of the class. I often think I could be in better shape, workout more, and so on(who doesn’t, right), but after taking this class I feel I am doing pretty well for myself.

Then, about mid month my husband and I started our training plan to prepare for our hiking/rock scrambling vacation coming up. This is actually something I find motivating and often gives me the extra push I need when I am just not feeling “it”!!! I really like to exercise, it gives me such a great feeling. But when we are specifically training with a goal in mind, that extra bit that I push myself is just so rewarding. It’s almost become a passion to always have a goal to reach when it comes to my physical performance.

Ohhhh, I can’t forget the shopping trip that I more or less begged my husband to accompany me on just so I would not have to lug my own packages all day long. I have done this trip before alone and it is miserable. He surprised me and proved me wrong by actually really enjoying this trip. (Or at least he said he enjoyed it) I did not carry a package all day, we shopped for 7 hours and really had a great time. We’ll see how much he really enjoyed it next year, when I ask again if he will offer his package carrying services:-)

While we were in the Chicago area we made plans to stop in and eat at Whole Foods. I wish we had one in Green Bay but if we did I would probably never eat at home then. I have been wanting to try sushi for awhile now and finally made it happen. Oh man, I am so addicted that I have even started adding it to our weekly menu plan here at home. It is so delicious that I regret waiting so long to try it.


In the job area of my life, we have officially transitioned over to all indoor play. Art projects are a daily activity, indoor toddler tumbling/yoga and gymnastics on our homemade balance beam are being enjoyed.


Even our son has been contributing to the fun (and the mess) with some science experimenting.


Another exciting thing that I was asked to do this month was give a major haircut to one of our son’s friends. I have been cutting both my husband and son’s hair for 20 years along with a few friends thrown in here and there. So being asked to do this for him was quite the honor. First, I couldn’t believe he was actually going to cut it all off. Although, when he arrived as planned he seemed pretty sure of this major event.

Here he is with a full head of hair.


And here he is after.


It was pretty amazing!!!!

I would have to say it’s been an amazing month but the best thing that has happened this month for me is that my husband has decided for the first time in our 21 years of marriage not to deer hunt. I am not anti hunting in any way but this is one part of our marriage I wish I could just skip over every year. When he announced that he was debating giving it up I was so happy. Hunting, guns and other individuals with guns scare me. Knowing he will not be sitting in the woods with a firearm will make me rest easy.

On that note, I plan to enjoy some family time tomorrow and hope you all do the same with your families:)