My Journey Back To Exercising: Workouts Of The Week

I started working out again this week since I have been released from my surgeon to do what I feel is comfortable to do. However, I am not to do any abdominal exercises for another month. As I start this journey back to my normal workout schedule, I will share with you how this goes and the results.

This weeks workouts consisted of this:

Monday: walked numerous times in the airport during our 5 hour layover

Tuesday: arm weights, 2 mile mall walk(morning), 3 mile street walk(evening)

Wednesday: 30 minute recumbent bike, arm/back workout with weights, 1.5 mile morning walk

Thursday: Home:30 minute recumbent bike. arm/back workout with weights, leg workout, 1.5 mile morning walk

Gym: 20 minute elliptical

****Today was my first day back to the gym and let me just say… felt amazing! What a great feeling! Even though I cannot do much, I am able to spend some time on the elliptical and it gave me a high that only someone who workouts will understand.

Friday: arm and back and leg workout, 2 mile walk outside

After spending a week eating in restaurants while on vacation and 7 weeks prior to that sitting,sleeping, and recovering, I am so happy to get back some of what makes me feel good……exercise. I am sad at how much I lost in regards to stamina in the few weeks I have been fairly immobile although, I am excited to finally feel alive and somewhat normal.I know in time I will be back up to where I was prior to all this and can only hope it will be easier to achieve more since I always wanted to in the past but my body would not allow it.

Next week I return to work full time and expect that to suck much of my energy up during the day which means my daily nightly workouts could be effected. For now I will just have to listen to my body and rest if needed and workout if I have the energy after all my children are picked up. I am going to attempt to squeeze in half or all my afternoon workout into the wee morning hours before they all arrive to hopefully have a bit of rest time when they all nap in the afternoon. Which in turn, may help me achieve a nightly workout after work. That is the plan….whether it will work or not we shall see.

Have a great weekend…..if it’s nice in your area, get outside and enjoy some fresh air. We are planning to check out a favorite trail in our area and hope it’s not too wet and soggy to hike a few miles.

Oh, I almost forgot………Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend……more daylight is a wonderful thing.

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

I often hear the statement, laughter is the best medicine. In my eyes the best medicine would be daylight. With the beginning of daylight savings time, I have officially survived another brutally cold Wisconsin winter.

We spent this last weekend at our favorite kayak/canoe convention with thousands of people just like us. Folks eager to hit the water and paddle. I will have a complete post on this Wednesday, but let me be the first to say, “I am so happy Spring is officially here in 10 days.”

With the change of the clocks this last weekend the first thing I want to do is go for a walk after dinner with my hubby in DAYLIGHT!!! No flashlights, no strobe blinkers and no reflecting vests to wear over our jackets. I know this may not sound exciting to most people, but to throw on my jacket and leave in seconds is wonderful.

The next thing I want to do is start seeing my neighbors outside in their yards and see kids ride past on their bikes. During the winter months, I swear we all hibernate like bears here in Wisconsin. Just walking to the curb to retrieve our mail is a chore. (Which is why I usually have my son retrieve ours)

My kiddos and I have been discussing Spring during circle time for weeks. We want to go to the park, ride our bikes, draw with chalk, play on the climbers out back (in time, it’s awful wet yet), blow bubbles, take a walk, etc. To say we are ready and excited would be an understatement. It’s like Christmas in March, so hard to wait for. That’s why, for me personally, the very best medicine is to let the sun shine longer.