Getting Your Family To Eat Vegetables

Sometimes getting your family to eat vegetables can be hard. Here at our house, I typically make meals that are either for my husband and myself, my husband, son and myself, or for three kids all 2 years or under. When asked which one is the hardest to cook for… response is almost always the three of us….my husband, son and myself. Shocking right? I bet you would have thought the three kids. Here is why I respond the way I do.

For one, my son is not a vegetable eater!!! Even though he grew up having to try whatever the veggie was that night for dinner, he is not a veggie eater. I think this may happen to all teenagers and then they don’t venture back to vegetables until later in life maybe. Who knows, all I know is he is too old now, at 22 years old, for me to say he HAS to try the vegetable of the night. However, that is not to say he still does not get them in his diet when he eats at home. It a guarantee, if mom is cooking there is a veggie mixed in the meal somewhere that is very difficult to pick out or eat around.

My husband on the other hand, likes some vegetable and some he will not touch….okra for instance. So in this instance I can work around this much easier…..we just don’t have okra or I save a vegetable I know he dislikes for when he is traveling or not going to be home.

Here are a few tricks I have found that have made getting my family to eat vegetables a bit easier. One, mix them into casseroles. Cooked spinach can be mixed into almost any casserole or soup and is nearly impossible to pick out.


Roasting a vegetable adds a whole different spin on flavor than boiling does. Boiling vegetables is very unexciting and bland in my opinion. Take for instance broccoli…..roasted with whole garlic cloves and a bit of salt…. it is fabulous and even my little kiddos eat the florets up like they are candy.


Sauce them up. My son loves chicken curry and I used to serve this with mixed veggies on the side. Now, I add the vegetables right to the chicken and add the curry sauce to the entire dish. He eats them and admits they are good this way. Win for mom!!!!


Add them to breakfast egg cups….no one thinks to have veggies at breakfast but it sure is easy to add them in where they least expect it. My daycare kiddos love these veggie egg cups and oftentimes we will make them together.


Instead of meat marinara over pasta, try veggie or meat and veggie marinara. The pickier they are when it comes to vegetables, the smaller you should cut the pieces of vegetable to ensure they can not pick around them. Add some cheese to the top before serving and I would bet they will all try it if not gobble it all up.


Try adding vegetables to sandwiches….like beef with pepperocini peppers


or our favorite here is turkey reuben sandwiches.


Don’t be afraid to try different things. We fell in love with lemon shrimp with capers and spinach. It was enjoyed by all of us even the spinach haters in my house.


Sometimes even letting your children help prepare the meals will encourage them to try what they made. And one word of advice…..if you make a face at something you don’t like they are almost always going to agree. So if at all possible, try your veggies without expression and let them decided for themselves whether it is good or bad.


Checking Things Off The List

I am a list maker. You can find lists in every pocket of every jacket I have. Maybe it’s age, but if it’s not written down, I will not remember it. And I must say, I actually feel like my list got a whole lot shorter this weekend.

It started with Saturday morning, after ordering my new glasses a week ago, I finally had time to go pick them up. Thankfully, my husband was with me because it took me most of the day to get used to my new prescription. Which meant he ended up being my chauffeur for the rest of my “to do” list.

Next, we made a trip to Costco. We had stopped in quickly one night during the week to fill out membership information but really did not have time to shop. This time we had time to wander and look around. I normally stick to my list pretty well but with my other half along that is sometimes quite hard to do. We found everything I needed and then some.


I love that they have so many items that are organic, customer service was great (especially for a Saturday) and the produce section is spectacular. I bought the largest pineapple I have ever seen.

After we finished shopping it was time for some fun. The sun was shining and we had seen an area trail that looked clear enough to walk on when we were on the highway traveling earlier that morning. We headed to the trail head and needless to say did not make it far. We were only a few yards into the trail when we rounded a corner and found it flooded over with the river that is usually a trickle.


With disappointment written all over my face, my husband said we could try another trail nearby. We did, and it was somewhat clear in sections, but this trail being right next to the river was extremely cold and windy. I was shivering so hard that we both knew this was not going to last long, so we headed home. It just wasn’t meant to be today:(

Then it was time to finally try out the new roof rack we had purchased a few weeks ago. We had been waiting on one part that had to be ordered and it arrived this week. So my husband assembled all the parts while I was working on my “to do” list. When he was ready, we took it outside and prayed it all went together like the salesman said it would. I could tell my husband was very happy with the design while he was assembling it inside, because I heard him making comments to himself. This is usually a good sign. Having two engineering minds in my house is either really good or really bad. In this case it was good. It fit on the car with ease, my SUP fit on the rack with ease and the kayak was also a good fit. Of course we had to try every kayak we have to make sure they all fit and for once a salesman was right.


We took it for a ride and everything on top was happy, which made me very happy. We got some pretty strange looks from people passing by and our neighbors had to think we were losing our minds, but we did not care. Sadly, we arrived back, took it all back off the rack and replaced all our toys in their proper places in the garage. Just a few more weeks until we can get wet.

Which brings us to dinner time. This is why you do not take your husband shopping with you. This is one of the things I DID NOT have on my list that he just had to have the moment he saw them while at Costco.


He loves dungeness crab so he talked me into trying one. I think they are quite scary looking and he knows I hate crab legs because they are hard to break. He offered to grill them, help clean them and break my shells if they were difficult. How could I turn down all that assistance? SOLD, we bought two. He did all what he said and I must admit, they were delicious. I also threw together a quick kale and quinoa salad to accompany this sea creature. For a quick throw together salad, it was very tasty. Even my husband liked it and I was a little worried he would not.


List completed:) I went to bed with a clear mind. Sunday I wished him a fun day ice fishing for probably the last time this winter and my plans are to catch up on reading, get in a HIIT workout and enjoy curry chicken with my son for dinner. (Hubby is not big curry fan, so we take advantage of when he is not home for dinner.)

Hope you all had a good weekend.