Ahnapee State Trail: Another Few Miles Closer To The End

We spent our first full day of Spring geocaching on the Ahnapee State Trail. As you know if you’ve been following us on this journey, our goal is to do the entire 48 mile distance in bits and pieces. Saturday we did a round trip total of 5.2 miles, found 17 geocaches, caught up with each other on life matters since I have not seen much of my husband for the past two weeks due to his work schedule, and just really enjoyed the solitude this trail has to offer.

It always amazes me how different yet how similar some trials can be. Last weekend I hiked a few miles alone on the Mountain Bay Trail which I found to be nice, peaceful(after the first mile or so), and also very flat. The Ahnapee is also very flat and peaceful (we saw no one the entire day). Although, the sounds, critters, animal prints, and the surrounding is so different on the Ahnapee. We saw so many deer and coyote prints that it was amazing. Hunting must be no challenge what so ever for those that hunt out that direction. We came across carcasses, some unique old buildings, and tons of old tractor/farm equipment that was discarded over the past years.


However, the most amazing thing I saw on this day hike had to be a farmers field and the destruction he apparently choose to do to the tree line around his crop field since the tractor that did such damage was still sitting on the side of the field. (keep in mind, I am not a farm girl so this was quite amazing for me to see)


This tractor recently rode around the outskirts of this field and literally mutilated any tree that was within the reach of that blade on the front. It was amazing how this appeared and how far the pieces flew being we even had to cross that path of some of these pieces while on the trail. Here is a chunk my husband is holding just to give a visual of how destructive this piece of machinery was.


Now, I am sure in world of farming there is a reason for such damage but I can’t help but think if there would not have been a better way.

Anyhow, it was a fantastic hike.

For those looking for the logistics, here you are:

We started and parked on the side of the road at Center Road in Forestville, WI. We ended our hike at the crossing of Cty. Hwy. H and Hwy. 42 in Maplewood, WI. We hiked 5.2 miles round trip. Terrain is completely flat with a crushed gravel path.