A Week Until Christmas….Are You Ready?

We have had one busy week. From getting all the last minute prep things done for Christmas to attending holiday parties….it’s been crazy.

Let’s see, our three Christmas gathering menus are made, my boys have their shopping done(not wrapped but at least done) and I have read my fair share of Christmas stories to my kiddos that I think I could tell them by memory. We even found time to do a little car shopping during the week….a bonus. All that being said, I feel like I am ready to conquer the next week.

Here is what I did for stress relief this week:

Saturday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, lower body weights, and stretching

Sunday: gym: 40 minute elliptical, core and abs

Monday: home: weight lifting 30 minutes,

gym: 40 minute elliptical, abs and stretching

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: home: weight lifting 30 minutes

gym: 30 minute elliptical, lower body weights and abs

Thursday: home: weight lifting 30 minutes

Friday: rest

I decided to change up my ab routine this week by adding back into rotation inclined sit ups. It’s been years since I did this exercise and gosh could I feel it!!!! However, in only a week I have noticed great improvement and this makes me very happy.

I am really looking forward to some time off in the next two weeks since mornings are my favorite time to work out and during the work week this is not possible. I will admit, however, sleeping in tomorrow morning will be nice. It’s been a long but good week.



Has It Really Been A Month Since I Walked A Trail?

Our weekend started with dinner out on Friday night. Friday was a long day for me….so when my hubby said let’s just go out for dinner, I put up no argument at all. I love that he knows just when to suggest things like this.


Which brought us next to Saturday morning. I had a list a mile long to do including a pharmacy stop, shoe shop, finish Christmas shopping, bank, and something active that did not include spending money….like more shopping. Unlike most women who love to shop, I am not one of them. Especially when it comes to shoes, since I have very difficult feet to keep happy. To say I was dreading today’s shopping trip, unlike last weekends shopping experience, was putting it mildly. Although, when my husband offered to join me and assist with gift buying I was a bit happier.

However, first things first, we started our day in 20 degree temps on a nearby trail for a 3 mile walk.

IMG_2901I have not been on a trail in over a month and even though it was quite chilly, I completely enjoyed ever second. What a great way to start a day.  IMG_2906

After our trail walk, we hit the stores and malls full force along with every single other person in Green Bay or so it seemed!!! It was so crazy out there. We completed our list in a few hours and this made us very happy. After all that shopping I brought my very stressed husband home and made one last stop at a chocolate shop for some last minute gifts.

Sunday was our quiet day. I started a new job Sunday morning that I accepted earlier in the week. Let me just say, it sure felt odd to leave home to go to work since my “work” has come to me for the past 20 years. It’s a very minimal job opportunity that I felt can really benefit my future plans, so I accepted the offer and so far so good. We’ll see how it goes.

After working my husband and I made a trip to the gym for a workout and then we returned home for some quiet time. Our son had also started a new job last week and having him home during the day was a bit strange but nice. We actually had some time to talk instead of just passing by each other in the same house. All in all it was a great weekend.




It’s Time To Face Reality

It’s time to face reality, last weekend was a gift because I believe I have seen the last of 80 degree temps until at least next summer. For all the friends and family I have reading, YES I have finally caved to the chill and turned on our heat!!!! Depressing, I know, but I had to do it. I don’t know why I keep track from year to year, but this year it is 17 days earlier than last year. Ughhhh, let’s move on.

With another page of the calendar flipped, October arrives with some exciting things for our family. I am quite excited for the art festival this weekend I am attending with a friend of mine. We were a group of three until the third hurt her back and had to cancel. However, we still plan to have fun. The weather forecast for this outdoor festival is not very promising and I will be wearing my long underwear for sure but I am not letting that get me down. We are going to have fun and if we get too chilled we will just buy more wine:-) No worries, our means of transportation is coach bus and both our husbands are pitching in to drop and pick us up from the bus stop so we can consume as much wine as needed to keep warm and toasty:-)

Our family plan for this Sunday is to get some things crossed of the fall “to do” list. Not very exciting but it needs to be done. We already have a good start on the leaf cleanup, summer planters all have been emptied and kayaks all are stored in there proper places for the winter. (My boys still think they are going to go one more time…. we’ll see) We still have tons on the list however, which leaves Sunday as our fall cleanup day.

I started researching winter candlelight snowshoe/hikes around our area for something to do in the winter months. I do this every year and sometimes we make it happen and sometimes we don’t. Honestly, I have great intentions when I find an event that we can actually attend. I even write it on the calendar and plan around it, then the date arrives and it could go either way. If it’s freezing and miserable outside, I’d rather just stay home but if it’s nice and not too cold, we may actually go. Winter events are so hard for me but at least I make an effort to research and attempt to do outdoor things.

Next week will be very odd around our house. My husband will be in a class that is offered right near our home instead of traveling 45 minutes to work every morning. Plus class does not start until much later than we are used to getting up. This may sound great to most people but for me this could cause a week of many tears and thrown off schedules for all my little ones I care for. They all wait for the moment he arrives home everyday and next week he will still be here every morning when they arrive. Which means he will have to say goodbye to them every morning to attend this class. I can already see it now, everyday I will have three very sad kids around 8am when it’s time to say goodbye. I will enjoy the extra 1/2 hour of sleep we can have every morning but would trade it for the melt down I will have to deal with every morning when he leaves. Thankfully it’s only a week;-)

Just in case you are one of those people that can’t wait for Christmas and count the days until it arrives, I came across this cute website that you may find interesting. The three year old I care for had fun with the snow falling when we figured out if you move the mouse the flakes fall that same direction. Check it out here at the Christmas Countdown Clock.

That’s all I have for you today. Enjoy your weekend.