Happy Easter

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. I am not quite sure why since we never really have a huge celebration or anything but maybe it’s because things are typically getting greener, plants are sprouting from the ground, and signs of life everywhere are beginning to show again after such a long winter. Either way, Easter is reason to celebrate even if it’s just hanging out and doing nothing but being with family on a relaxing Sunday.


This year we had planned to hike a state park in our area for Easter but with thunderstorms predicted we decided it would be best to cancel. Although, we had enough other things to do to keep us plenty busy.

Speaking of Spring and Easter…..has anyone else found themselves reaching for the allergy medications and the kleenex box yet? I am quite lucky myself, with little to no seasonal allergies. Our son on the other hand has it BAD…and is MISERABLE!!! Along with that, all my daycare kids have runny noses and some sort of allergy/virus plaguing them also. So we are going through the tissues like crazy at our house. However, I am not going to lie and say I wish everything would freeze solid as a rock again….since it is so nice to be outside and enjoying the fresh, pollen dusted air once again.

Anyhow, here is what my week was like as far as workouts go.I started the week with a sore back and a visit to my chiropractor on Monday and also ended it on Friday with one more visit. Hopefully I will be pain free soon. Not much weight lifting was done this week but I still am quite happy with what I did do in the cardio area.

Sunday: 2 miles of disc golfing


Monday: rest

Tuesday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, legs, and abs

Wednesday: home: 30 minute recumbent bike and 3 mile evening walk

Thursday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, stretching

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 mile walk

You all have a fun and safe Easter….try and spend some of it outside if it’s nice in your area.

Workouts of the Week

I had another great week of workouts.This week I will start with Saturday since I left that off last weeks workout routine.

Here is this weeks workouts:

Saturday: gym workout which was 35 minutes on the elliptical, weights and stretching

Sunday: bluff and trail hiking at Devil’s Lake State Park


Monday: 1 1/2 mile street walk

Tuesday: 30 minute incumbent bike and weights(at home), evening gym workout: 30 minute elliptical, 15 minute bike, and stretching

Wednesday: 1 1/2 mile street walk in the a.m. and 3 mile street walk in the evening

Thursday: 2 mile street walk in the morning, weights in the afternoon, and gym workout at night consisting of more weights & 30 minutes elliptical

Friday: rest

This week I took it easy a bit due to a sore neck which I saw the chiropractor for Monday and will again later today. Although, I still feel like I accomplished what I needed to for my health and sanity.


A Speed Bump I Was Not Prepared For

I finally feel as if I am back on the right track again…..thankfully. As you all know we have been training for our desert trip coming up here shortly. Everything was going very good until I heard the dreaded POP and immediately it hurt to breathe more than I could have ever imagined.

Let’s back up a bit. Over Christmas break I was pretty excited about all the workouts I would get in without having to tend to my normal work routine, wife routine, mom routine, and so on. Obviously, we had a few family gatherings to attend with the holiday’s and all, but in between all that, I was seriously going to concentrate on exercise. We were at the gym and just finishing up our workout when I extended that last repetition and something popped. The look on my face must have said it all because my husband knew immediately something was wrong. He then replaced all the weights that we had out and we headed to the locker rooms. The pain was almost unbearable but it was my breathing that had me so concerned. Every breath I took was like someone stabbing me. After a few hours, a very gentle back massage, and an emergency phone call to my chiropractor to see if he could fit me in the next morning, I decided to the best thing to do was to just hold still and try not to breathe more than necessary.

The very next morning I met with my chiropractor and he knew immediately what I did. He told me I had a dislocated rib and that is why it hurts to breathe. Well then, I was shocked that this could even happen much less that he suggested that I let him try to put it back where it belongs!!!! Panic was my immediate thought. I can’t breathe without it hurting much less have him press on me without feeling like I may crack in half!!! So I sucked it up, laid on the adjustment table and he did his thing. I thought I was going to pass out, but when he got it to move it was immediate relief. Tragedy averted. I was able to move, breathe and only had soreness in my back for a few more days, but nothing severe. The big question I had was, will this happen again??? He said it could, to take it easy and not over do it……ha….apparently he does not know what we do for fun as a family:) I said ok and left thinking to myself, in a few weeks I am going to be rock scrambling in the Mojave Desert…..I hope that qualifies as taking it easy!

Then, just as the pain from all this was subsiding my husband decided to share his respiratory illness with me. So that made for four really bad days of sinus pain and headaches that ultimately made me best friends with my couch.

Today however I feel completely back on track. I had two great workouts last week and spent this past weekend in the gym both days.


Bidding Farewell to January

Today being the last day of January gives me hope that February can only be better. It has been a long month for us. I will gladly flip the page on the calendar to February.

I normally am prepared for all the normal January things to happen. New health plans start, deductibles start over, grocery prices are noticeably higher, all my daycare kids come back from the holidays sick from seeing so many people and eating so much junk, etc.. Although, this January someone up above seemed to think I needed a little more stress.

First with a back ailment for two weeks, which made me pretty crabby. Ok, so I’ll be honest, I was a down right bitch, pain is not my friend. Finally, I made an appointment to visit my chiropractor and between him and my massage therapist(my hubby) I am feeling much better.

Then our refrigerator decided to start smelling of melting plastic..which after 20 years I guess I should have been happy it lasted this long. What woman does not like new shiny appliances, right? Well, I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I do like our new refrigerator but I was also content with the other one. Oh, and the most stressful thing about the whole refrigerator event was the delivery and installation of the new one. Although, being the hot headed red head that I am, I took care of that issue the next day and was refunded a nice chunk of money for their carelessness. Which made me very happy:)

Then two days after the refrigerator event, our truck transmission decided to leak. Spectacular!!! I have no idea why, but if there is one thing I hate spending money on it’s vehicle repair. Oh and don’t forget, it’s -40 outside with the wind chill on this date, so my husband was not about to even look at it until it warmed up. Yeh, -40, you read it right. Crazy! So after two days of wicked temps, my husband and son took it apart, installed the new part and thankfully, so thankfully they were able to fix it for a grand total of $55.00. Then two days after that, another leak from a different area. This time it was brought in to be repaired because again we had wicked wind chills and who wants to take apart a cold metal vehicle when it’s this darn cold. Needless to say the bill was not so pretty this time.

Then we had a health scare with my husband, but after a visit to the doctors office, everything turned out fine with this. My advice for everyone is,”when in doubt, get it checked out.”

Which brings us to today, the last day of January. My back is feeling good, we have our new refrigerator, our truck is repaired, we are all healthy and tomorrow is February. Thank goodness.