Are Family Meals A Thing Of The Past?

As a child, I was raised to always be home at dinner time and we always enjoyed dinner at the dining room table together as a family.Well, there is no doubt times have changed. Family dinner is, for the most part, a thing of the past, from what I can tell in reading some of my favorite blogs. I have to admit, this does sadden me. I can remember when our son was young this was when he would tell us about school, what this/that friend said/did, how a test went is this/that class, and we also discussed our weekend plans during this time. Granted, now that he is older and works numerous jobs, our family dinners are far and few between but when they do happen we still find so much to discuss and catch up on that I savor this time.

As an active family we spend many waking hours outside enjoying life. For us family dinner time today can be almost anywhere. When we have the opportunity to actually be together we often will choose to do something outside and fun rather than sit at home, prepare a big meal, and sit down together. That is not to say we don’t pack up some food and take it with us to share in, what some may call, the oddest places to share a meal together. The point is, that a family meal can be shared anywhere you wish it to be shared. With just a little planning and some creativity it can be whatever you wish it to be.

Here are a few of the strangest places we have shared a family meal together.

the beach on a picnic blanket


over looking Lake Superior


top of Peter’s Dome


tailgate of our truck


top of Devil’s Lake Bluff


campsite deep in the woods


Rib Mountain picnic table


our front porch


tailgate of a friends truck


atop a kayak


our kitchen table(yes we do own one)


Christmas Day lunch from the back of our SUV


sitting around a campfire


picnic table over looking the Bay of Green Bay


As you can see, we can share a family meal almost anywhere and have it be special. During the spring, summer, and fall months, our dining room table is very rarely used, but that is not to say we still don’t spend a lot of time together having family meals.

Do you think family meals are a thing of the past?

Do you have meal time as a family? If so, how often?

Why do you think family meals are a thing of the past?