Celebrating Some Small Victories

I feel very accomplished this week. Nothing big and exciting, just some things that have been weighing on my mind have been taken care of.

Victory #1: After three stores and some of the saddest looking plants I have seen in green houses in years, I finally have my planters done. Thankfully, I don’t have a very green thumb which means I did not need many to fill up my two planters. Not a big chore off my list but it at least is done and crossed off. IMG_0933

Victory #2: We have started walking again this week(with boot on) and I have lost all three pounds I gained while sitting for a month. Hurray…..I knew it would come right back off but there is always that little doubt in the back of my mind.

Victory #3: I have had an Amazon order sitting on my “to do” pile for weeks and I finally placed the order this week. Most people love online shopping. For me, any shopping is quite the chore.

Victory #4: I purchased my first watermelon of the season this week. This is not really a victory but it does (in my mind) mean that I have really survived another WI winter. I love summer and nothing says summer more than a big, red, ripe watermelon! IMG_0940

Victory #5:  We have finally had time as a family to sit down and discuss a training plan for…..wait for it…….yes,another BIG ACTIVE VACATION! This time we are all going and it shall be an adventure. I know your probably wondering why I would plan an active vacation with being injured and all, but to tell you the truth, it was planned awhile ago. I am not too worried about not being able to accomplish what’s ahead however, it may take me awhile longer to train with my husband and son at their level. I have another week before I can remove this boot and start strengthening my ankle again. Moderation will be my goal.

Like I said, nothing too huge or exciting for that matter. Just a few things I needed to get done and now they are off my mind.

For now I will wish all the mom’s a wonderful Mother’s Day and I’ll be back next week with another DIY freezer bag backpacking meal and a great family friendly campground recommendation for everyone.

Have A Great Weekend!