Recent Favorite Finds

I am pretty excited and happy to share some of my favorite finds with you all today. I am not a big internet buff so I typically find my favorites in grocery stores and on trails…that of which I have not been able to enjoy much of yet this year. So if your into food and fun read on.

A few weeks ago I bought a jar of these and had to go back for three more jars to last me awhile. They are so fantastic and I love them as an afternoon snack.


As I plan for our upcoming camping trip I happily came across a new to us dehydrated meal that I am excited to try. We have learned the hard way never to buy a different brand than what we like when that will be the only food source we have available while hiking. This however, will be an addition to a regular campsite meal so no one will be going hungry if it turns out to be horrible.


We watch a lot of cooking shows on television and many use creole seasoning in their dishes. I have been dying to try this and finally found one in our local grocery store. I LOVE it. It is now my go to seasoning for anything that needs a bit of a kick.


Have you  ever tried scrambling eggs in a Blender Bottle? We did and it was genius. So easy, fast, and simple. This would be awesome at a campsite….less mess:-)



Applesauce is one of the dullest fruits in my opinion. Recently, when I was at a bed and breakfast we were served applesauce with a bit of fruit on top and now I add some fruit at home and my kids eat this up without any hesitation. They enjoy it more and so do I.


One pot meals call to me in my sleep sometimes. OK, maybe not exactly, but when I dream of doing dishes it’s time to concentrate on making more one pot meals. And that is exactly what I have been concentrating on for family meals. This one was outstanding with pasta, shrimp, and veggies all cooked in one pot. Add the cheese at the end, stir, and serve. Now is that easy or is that easy?



Remember those pancakes we tried to see if my stomach could handle keeping these down unlike all the other pancakes we have tried in the past? Well, I have good and bad news to share. First, the good news….they are probably the best pancakes I have ever tasted. Bad news, they still made me ill. (Do you want to know why…read here)


That should do it for me today… you have anything to add?

Happy New Year…..First, Let’s Catch Up On The Last Two Weeks

I feel it’s important to catch up on the events of these past two weeks. With me being self employed, I had kids here and there through most of the past few weeks. And now, with the new year upon us, everyone is back to normal schedule, my husband is back to normal schedule, and I am looking forward to getting our routine back.

As most of us have done, we had family and friends to celebrate with but we keep things pretty low key here and that is how I like it. We hosted two gatherings, opened gifts, and had a very nice time chatting and catching up with family. From homemade gifts to fabulous food, we all enjoyed the holidays and the time we spent together.





In between parties, I lived in my pj’s and just enjoyed the down time I had.


That is not to say I did not exercise though. I am not going to lie and say it thrills me to death to see all the new people at my gym working on new years resolutions because in all honesty it’s a bit frustrating. However, I know from past years a small few will hang on past a few weeks and it’s just something I have to live with until it thins out a bit. That being said, I do hope all the newbies find health happiness and keep up the good work. It’s a hard step to take and once your past the front door why not keep going. It only gets better from there.


Let’s see… case your wondering my outdoor life has been pretty scarce for quite some time already. We have plenty of snow in my opinion…..ok, maybe in my opinion we have too much snow already. And the worse part is I know there is still so much left to come. So outdoor adventure for me is simply not happening anytime soon.


During our few weeks off, we did celebrate something other than Christmas and New Years….our son had his 23rd birthday. Yes, he was almost a Christmas baby but I kept my legs crossed for this not to happen…..and thankfully he was born 8 hours later. So every year he gets a few gifts wrapped in birthday paper to make sure his birthday is never forgotten.


Meals lately have been all over the place. I have always said and still believe that Christmas should be called the “cream cheese holiday” since we consume so much of this food during this holiday. So after all the holiday get togethers were over, I made a big batch of chili and it was a perfect way to get back on a daily meal schedule.


Plus, I have a new addition in my kitchen and I was dying to give it a try. I have been working on some new recipes to share in the new year while I enjoy cooking with my new dutch oven.


Speaking of meals…..I am trying something new after my workouts. The past year I have been having issues with charlie horses in my leg after workouts. It’s only one leg and it’s the leg that caused me such issues after surgery on my abdomen….I know, who would have thought…anyhow, someone told me to try coconut water after a workout. Well, I did and this drink is not good! However, I really wanted to see if it would help so then someone told me to try making it into a smoothie which I did and now it tastes a whole lot better. Since I do not have a fancy blender and don’t wish to buy one, I simply purchased a Blender Bottle and have been experimenting with different mixtures. Happily, I can report, I have seen great improvement in my leg pains after workouts and have been enjoying the smoothies I have been coming up with.


That pretty much sums up the past few weeks. I am looking forward to January and hope it brings some fun along with a bit of adventure in the new year.

Loving Lately….

It’s been awhile since I wrote about what I am loving lately. So I figured, there is no better time than today to share a few things….

Limited Edition Cranberry English Muffins: I love when the fall flavors arrive….they warm my heart and my stomach. If you have not given these a try…..I highly recommend them.


GoStak by Blender Bottle: I stumbled across one of these while hiking in Arizona. A fellow hiker was opening up what looked to be a water bottle but when I got a bit closer I saw it was a bunch of little bottles all connected nicely. Well, you know me, I immediately researched this the second I had the opportunity and found it. I ordered one without much thought, since I love organization…..and the one place I really like organization is in my backpack. From snacks, ear buds, medications, small jewelry…..almost anything can be kept securely in this storage container that is no larger than a water bottle. They can be used separately, together, or you can even add to the length buy purchasing more containers of a preferred size. I have many ideas for mine.


This unseasonably warm weather we have been having: For a person that struggles through winter, I have no complaints about fall so far. I am still out hiking every weekend, and have even been able to wear shorts a few hours here and there. How fabulous is that and it’s mid November…….so awesome!!!


Zucchini Bread: I have been making ooodles and ooodles of zucchini bread. These loaves never last long in my house. It’s the best recipe ever.


Silicone Ring: This is a tough one to explain but here it goes. My husband and I have been married for over 23 years now and I knew from day one that he would rarely be able to wear his wedding ring because of the job he had for over 17 years. And then he changed jobs a few years back and I thought, maybe he could wear it a bit more now, but this was also an issue in his new profession. And then about two years ago….he changed jobs again and once again I thought….maybe he could wear it now. And again, he just did not feel comfortable risking it. Now I know in my heart that a ring does not MAKE HIM MARRIED….but I want him to have a ring on that finger in the worst way. So while hiking, once again, in a region that does so much more active activities than we do here in WI, I noticed many men had on silicone rings. So, as I always do, I researched a bit and found what I was looking for. A safe ring, that will break if it gets caught on anything, that is inexpensive in case he looses it, and most important… will not conduct electricity to put him at danger in his job. They are hypo allergenic, lightweight, and made from high performance silicone and are durable. They are made for an active lifestyle which we have. He can wear it rock scrambling while on vacations, he can wear it at work, he can wear it painting, swimming, or camping. He can wear it ALL THE TIME! I can’t wait to give it to him!!!



Are you loving anything you want to share with me? Go ahead…I’d love to hear about it.