March Check In…

It’s been a month since I have checked in with everyone to see how your Get Up and Move progress has been.

It should be getting easier with nicer weather. I’ll be honest, this last month for me has been rough but I have managed 30 minutes a day religiously. I am just thankful I have workout equipment at home that I am able to utilize while my kiddos nap. We have had so many appointments after work, that there were three nights this month we just had to skip our nightly routine. Either way, 30 minutes was achieved one way or another and I should be proud of that.

I must say with the snow and ice melting, we have gone back to walking outside after dinner which makes me extremely happy. I am super excited to start getting my kiddos outside to burn off some extra energy also. We have been discussing walking to the park and riding bikes for a few weeks already. Even my son is preparing for outdoor activity, he recently brought his bike in for a Spring tuneup.

Now that life has somewhat gotten back to normal after a crazy month, I am looking forward to getting back to normal routine. Soon my 30 minutes will be hiking, paddling and beating my husband at a good game of tennis. I can’t wait.

Keep up the good work everyone:)

Protein Bar Reviews

We have been experimenting with some new protein bars that we have seen on the market. We have been a Clif Bar family for years so this has been somewhat of an eye opener for us. We don’t, by any means, consume these on a regular basis because for one, I think they are expensive. I also prefer to get my protein/energy from a meal rather than from something in bar form. Regardless, we do find ourselves eating enough of this type of food in the active months of our lives. Especially when we are on the go, miles into a hike or when we have paddled hours of a river and have a ways to go yet. Which tells you why we are partial to Clif bars, they survive a backpack or wet bag well and still taste the same smushed or not.

So first of all, we tried five popular brands:


****The first being a new flavor we found of Clif Bar, chocolate coconut chip:

First impression was it’s not “pretty” looking, but show me one that is. It is formed tightly so in a rough situation, it will not fall to a million crumbly pieces. It has nice flavor and it’s quite large in size. Protein:10 g  Carbs: 43g  Fiber: 5 g and Total fat: 6g

All in all, good eat and a good buy. And from experience, keeps you going for quite a while.

****Next we sampled the Clif Builder Bar in chocolate Mint:

First impression was it’s chocolate covered which will melt easily in warmer temps!! Which leads to a mess! Flavor was yummy, like a chocolate covered mint oreo. Filling again, being of nice size. Protein: 20g  Carbs:31g  Fiber:4g  and Fat: 8g.

All in all, a winner for my hubby. Me, not thrilled about the chocolate dipped add on.

****On to the Larabar Uber in cherry cobbler flavor:

First impression, sticky, but tasty. Sweet and salty with tart cherry pieces. Would never hold up in a dry bag for you kayakers. Backpack, possibly. Perfect size for a snack after or before a workout. Not as heavy feeling in your stomach as the Clif Bars. Not nearly as much protein as the other bars but still nice to enjoy.Protein: 4g  Carbs: 19g  Fiber:2g and  Fat:12g

We would both buy and eat again, and actually already have purchased more.

****For our next sampling it was the Pure Protein Revolution bar in chocolate peanut caramel flavor.

First impression was that it’s much thicker than all the other bars. Again, chocolate covered which could be messy.

Doing reviews is hard sometimes because things cannot always be said nicely. Honestly, this bar tasted like it had dirt inbetween each layer in my opinion. My husband said it reminded him of playdoh…. oh gosh, maybe that is enough to get the picture. Worth the try if you are looking for tons of protein in a bar as it offers 20 g of it. It also packs in Carbs: 17g, Fat 6g but nearly no fiber.

We will not be purchasing this one again as it was hard enough to get the first one down between the two of us.

****And the last bar we sampled was the Balance Bar gold in mint cookie crunch flavor.

First impression was that this bar was also chocolate covered. Taste was very similar to the Clif Builder bar which is like a chocolate covered oreo. Not bad, tasty and we would eat again for sure.

Protein: 14g  Carbs: 23g  Fiber 2g and Fat 7g

As you can read, we have our favorites and our not so favorites. Again, they all have quite a few calories so I would not advise eating these on a regular basis. These bars are not to be consumed like a granola bar you find in the cereal section of your grocery store. So be sure to enjoy your favorite the next time you are paddling a river, hiking a trail, biking, playing a sport or doing something active.

NOTE:We decided to do this tasting review for our own knowledge and have given our honest thoughts on these products. We paid for each bar ourselves.