Sunshine Is The Best Medicine

A little over a week ago I came down with some virus that has caused me to uproot everything normal in my life. I have not worked since last Wednesday, I have not seen the gym in over a week, and I have barely gotten any exercise at all since breathing is something you need to be able to do to exercise. And in the kitchen, well thank goodness for my husband and son or we would have been eating from a can for at least three nights this past week.

This past weekend I started feeling somewhat better finally and really felt the need to get out and suck up some of the wonderful Wisconsin weather we had. Sunshine for me is often the best medicine. Although, I knew it would not be a distance hike by any means I wanted to walk outside and feel the sun on my face. So we did and it felt so wonderful. We arrived at our favorite spring time trail and saw no snow, a few people who also felt the need to venture out, and still ice fishermen capturing what is left of the season.


Like us, we saw one couple out looking for the eagles that frequent this area. Shortly after we began walking we located them. Usually they would be up in the trees but this time they were out on the ice enjoying a meal the fishermen left behind for them. They were quite a distance away but still fascinating. IMG_0735



It was wonderful to be out again. Everything is beginning to come alive after a long winter.



All in all our weekend was not bad. Yes, I am feeling a bit under the weather yet but so much better than a few days ago. Hopefully my energy level comes back quick enough that I can once again return to my early morning gym sessions and keep up with all my little tykes that return this morning.



Icy Adventure With A New Lunchtime Cuisine To Follow

Our weekend ended up being pretty interesting. Going into the weekend I had plans but they quickly fell apart when a friend got sick, my son ended up almost working Saturday which would ultimately cancel our mother/son date we had planned, and my husband changed up his ice fishing day because of the wind forecast Saturday. Then Friday evening everything fell into place and we had a plan.

Saturday morning I mentioned I wanted to see the ice shoves in Oconto that were being mentioned all over the local news channels. Ice shacks were being swallowed up by this and men were scrambling to move their trucks in time to also not be swallowed up or destroyed by the big ice bergs being pushed around. Sounds interesting I thought, so I had planned to take a drive and go see. However, being the city girl I am, I had no idea where I was headed so my husband said he would also come with and take a look. Last year my husband and son took a drive but I had already made other plans so I did not go. The pictures they brought home were spectacular and I wished I had been there. Now, this year when we arrived my husband said they were nothing like last years on the Winnebago side where they had went. Although, they were still pretty cool looking(literally being it was ice and all).









The wind was fierce but the sun sure did feel good on our face while we walked around watching the ice melt away.

After that we took a small detour home and went to our favorite spot to see bald eagles hoping they would be out watching the open river. With no luck finding any to view, we walked across the icy bridge to make our way back to our vehicle and head home to pick up our son for lunch.


This is when the day got even more interesting. Wisconsin does not have a whole lot to offer (in my opinion) in cuisine variety. It’s definitely getting better but other places we have visited have so much more variety than WI but we are slowly catching up. And my son loves to take me to places that offer different cuisine. My husband surprised me by also saying he would join us so it was an unexpected family outing. I finally got to try pho….a Vietnamese soup. We arrived, placed our orders, and were quickly served ultimately the biggest bowl of soup ever.


Amazing, simply amazing that my husband actually finished his entire bowl. We both ordered the same beef pho which came with basil, bean sprouts, and jalapenos on the side. The serving size bowl was so big I don’t even think I finished half of mine. It was  tasty, very soothing, and definitely a good comfort food type of meal. However, I wish they had smaller versions…since we were not headed home afterwards so I was not able to take the left over amount home with me. Even though I did enjoy the soup I have to say the highlight of my meal was my drink of choice. I ordered a jack fruit smoothie and oh my goodness it brought me to a tropical island somewhere warm while I sat eating my soup with my winter jacket on and a scarf wrapped around my neck. Again, you rarely, if ever, see jack fruit on any menus in WI so I just had to try this. Will I return, yes for sure? Although, next time I will probably have a Vietnamese vermicelli veggie bowl instead, since the soup is simply to much to eat for me personally.


After lunch my son headed home and my husband and I walked a nearby trail for a few miles before returning home for the evening.


I am now on a mission to make this pho dish at home and possibly even a Vietnamese vermicelli veggie bowl also. Ahhhh, time to do some research……



Girls Weekend At My First Bed And Breakfast

I had such a relaxing weekend. There is something to be said about no television, no phone, no internet, no laundry, no dishes, no meals to prepare, and no kids!!!! We all need it sometimes and for the first time ever I kissed my husband good bye for an overnight adventure with a good friend.

We spent our Weekend in Door County, WI, not too far from home but far enough to still be wonderful. We shopped at the many, many shops…everything from clothing to candy.


We drank numerous lattes at various coffee shops along the way.


Ate some fabulous meals at some of Door Counties numerous restaurants.


Was not surprised to still find winter in full force since Door County is known to always be at least 10 degrees colder than where I live.




We experienced a gorgeous sunset on our way to our bed and breakfast after a full day of shopping.


And had our first experience ever with a bed and breakfast that really was the perfect place to relax.








The best part was breakfast was prepared for us, brought to our door, and served with a smile… whisks to clean, no dishes to wash, and no crumbs for us to pick up. Simply wonderful!!!!


I arrived home 28 hours later feeling refreshed and ready to face another year until next time.


Spring Is In The Air….

After an uneventful week it was so nice to wake up Saturday morning to 35 degree temperatures and make plans to head outside for a little fresh air. However, I had a list of things I needed to tend to first… before play is how it has always been at our house. So we got right on it Saturday morning, all pitching in so we could head outside for some fun.

While I made boiled eggs, chopped dipping veggies for the upcoming week, and started the laundry, my husband gave the pimento cheese spread recipe remake another try. We attempted one but it was not nearly what the one in Tennessee was so we again tried another. Hopefully this one is a winner.



After this it was time to clean, do a few home repairs, eat some lunch and then we headed outside for that much needed fresh air.



We drove to one of our favorite trails once again and decided today would be the wooden adventure route….one we never take in the summer due to tooooo many snakes!!! It was so nice. It was so peaceful with the wind howling through the pine trees up above.




On our way back to the parking area, I was amazed at the number of people out on the bay ice fishing along with numerous snowmobilers. I am not a fan of ice fishing or driving on ice for that matter. Too risky for my liking.



Ok, so let me share with you what I did for exercise this week. It’s more for my sake than yours…..I know, but it keeps me accountable. So here we go…

Sunday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, abs and shoulders on the TRX suspension trainer

Monday: home: abs and upper body weight routine, and 2.5 mile evening walk outside….fresh air was so nice

Tuesday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, abs and legs, stretching

Wednesday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, abs, and stretching

Thursday: rest…..foam rolling


Friday: home: upper body weight routine and abs

Saturday: 2.5 mile snowy trail hike

You all have a great week as we count down to SPRING!!!!



Summer vs. Winter On The Trail

How can we be 45 degrees one week, then get 13 inches of snow the next week and now this…..frigid, painful, below zero temps for the majority of this week? It’s like a roller coaster ride and I want off!

Before this all came about and I knew I would be locked up in my home for days I made an attempt to walk a trail with my husband. I really thought we would arrive and it would be snow covered but to my surprise it was not bad.


Those tracks you see are from someone pulling an ice fishing sled down the trail to access a favorite ice fishing spot. As we made our way further down the trail you could see large rocks thrown out onto the ice to see the thickness of the ice cover. Which meant, of course, my husband had to toss one out there also to see for himself how much ice was there. Needless to say, not enough to even walk on. The rock he tossed out went right in and water came shooting up and out as soon as the rock made contact.


A little further down the trail we saw that the person dragging the ice fishing sled made the decision to forgo his ice fishing plans and the tracks ended and turned around. I’d say that was a good choice, or at best, a safe choice.

As happy as I was to be on a trail, it also made me so sad at the difference winter makes from summer on this same trail. With the water being icy and looking so cold


to parts of the trail being snow covered,


it really made me think of how much more I love this trail in summer time. Things are green,IMG_1664

life is everywhere,  IMG_1669  IMG_1926

and sunsets are beautiful in the evenings.


Oh, how I can’t wait to walk out to the platform, sit, and watch the sun set again. A few more weeks to wait but it’s coming……..

Alrighty then…..enough day dreaming. Here is reality and what I did for workouts this week.

Saturday: gym:45 minute elliptical and stretching

Sunday: gym: 40 minute elliptical, lower body weights and stretching

Monday: mall: 3 mile walk

Tuesday: home: upper body weights and 20 minute recumbent bike

Wednesday: home: 30 minute recumbent bike

gym: 33 minutes elliptical, total body weights, stretching

Thursday: home: upper body weights

mall: 3 mile walk

Friday: rest

As you can see this has been a rough week of workouts. Life sort of got in the way a few nights and I had to take care of some business matters another night. Add in the extreme cold and our over flowing gym with new members…..and I just couldn’t find the motivation to go there more than once during the week. No one really understands how much I dislike the winter cold except me.

However, I do feel somewhat accomplished this week. I did some well needed cleaning and organizing of an area in our home that has been driving me crazy for awhile now and I finally found what I hope will be a great addition to our group of kiddos in the near future. These are both big areas that #1 make me happy and #2 give me security. Change is hard but when you feel good that the change about to happen is positive then it’s so much easier to face head on.

Weekend Snapshots: Wine, Water and Wonderful Friends

What a great holiday weekend we had. After everything that has happened with both my husband and son these past few weeks, I can honestly say none of us needed to take a visit to urgent care over the weekend. Although, that is not to say we survived the weekend with no first aid needed. OUCH! My husband sustained a deep cut but the tendon is still working…hurray for small miracles.


Friday is when our weekend officially started since we all had the day off. I very rarely have a day completely without children during the week so I needed to do a few daycare chores before our fun began.


After chores we decided to stick close to home and enjoy the nice weather by having some fun in the Bay of Green Bay. Our son gave the standup paddle board a try after suffering with a back injury all week. This made me nervous but I know from experience sometimes movement is the best thing for back pain, so I stood close by and watched.


Saturday we were up bright and early loading the truck for a day I have been looking forward to for the past year. Last year a good friend of mine bought herself a kayak after giving one of ours a try. Since then we have been trying to find a day that we could make it back to their cabin and kayak the lake together. This turned out to be that day….and it could not have been more perfect. The lake was calm, the sun was shining….it was perfect. We arrived, unloaded, and hit the water immediately. It had been at least two years since I had paddled one of our recreational kayaks, so I was surprised to find that I was a little nervous. Which is so odd since my whitewater kayak is so natural, but a few strokes into it and all the nerves disappeared.


While visiting we also had the opportunity to meat her son and daughter in law for the first time. They both had their first experience with a standup paddle board and needless to say her son granted us some pretty good laughs.

Here he is attempting to stand up


He’s standing….look fast


And here is is falling into the lake after a few seconds of standing


This was his one and only attempt….at least he was still smiling after his little swim.

After some fun they took us for a tour around the lake on their pontoon and then we all shared a very nice dinner prepared over the campfire.


Dessert was chocolate chip smores…yum!


The night ended with fireworks over the lake before we headed home very late. It was one of the best July 4th holidays I have ever had.


Sunday brought a day to sleep in. I cannot remember the last time I was up until midnight but Sunday I was not motivated to do much at all. We clean and put away all our weekend water toys, did numerous loads of laundry, made it to the gym in hopes of finding some energy which was somewhat successful, and pretty much relaxed the rest of the day.

I have to say, with my husband still suffering with a pinched nerve and on weight restriction, my son just coming off a week long back injury, and me trying to handle mainly everything around the house, it did turn out to be a very nice, relaxing, and fun weekend. Exactly what I needed. And the small parts that were not so relaxing I handle with a little help from the wine bottle:)


Have you ever tried standup paddling?

How did you do?


Weekend Highlights-Hiking, Geocaching, Fishing and Disc Golf

We had such a beautiful weekend here after a long week of rain.

Saturday we got up bright and early to go workout before we started our day of adventure. After our workout it was home to shower and change and go pick up our new hiking partner. We had the pleasure of taking one of my daycare kiddos with us for the day. She is only 2 1/2 years old but her heart has been set on hiking with us for some time now and this was the perfect opportunity to take her along. I guess all those Fridays of her helping me pack our backpacks for hiking gave her the impression that hiking had to be fun, especially when you pack treats in the backpack.

We headed out with her to an area our family has visited often in the past. First, we had to take a peak at the fish hatchery. She really thought this was amazing.


Next, we were off to the deer park area to feed the deer and the chickens some food. She was prepared with her bag of food for the animals and her backpack with her water bottle and treats inside.


Then it was to the trails for the thing she was so excited to do…go hiking! We even had her find a few treasures (geocaches). She was very interested to go through every single items in each cache container we found.


Then we saw a park playground nearby which we had to visit.


And the last stop was to a nature trail to see if we could find some critters. It did not take us long to come across a fuzzy little friend.


After this it was back to the car for a quick snooze on the way home. It was a big day with lots of new adventures for this little one and she loved every second of it. I have a feeling she may be asking her parents to go hiking in the future.

Then Sunday rolled around and it was a day of even more activities. I started out my day grocery shopping and preparing most of dinner before leaving for the day. I knew it was going to be a busy day so this just made things flow easier. Mid morning we left to go try out my husbands new fishing reel/pole he got a few weeks ago. It was sunny, warm and the fish were very active.


When we felt we had caught our share of fish in the river we decided to take the scenic route home. We came across a new park that is located right on the Bay of Green Bay which has a sandy beach. I noticed it when I saw, from a distance, this big green balloon type thing out in the bay. After stopping and taking a closer look we realized it was a person trying to kite surf.


He was standing on the bottom that far out and it was all sand. Ahhhhh, an idea came to me. I could travel the 10 minutes to this park after work in the evening and stand up paddle for awhile whenever I wish. This was awesome. Nothing we have is close enough to have fun during the week. So now I am waiting patiently for a little more warmth so we can SUP whenever we wish.

After our scenic drive home I finished throwing dinner together, we ate and it was back out the door for our last activity of the day. Our first game of disc golf this year.


Gosh were we rusty!!! We played 18 holes and called it a day.

The best way to end a great weekend is exhausted and that is exactly what we were.