My Favorite Things

With us being the outdoor family that we are, I don’t want you all to get the wrong impression of me. I, like everyone, love a shower, clean clothes, good food and a roof over my head at night. There are so many things I have learned from others or by trial and error that I could never list them all. One of my biggest issues throughout my entire marriage has been the issue of a bathroom. My husband has been an outdoors man for as long as I have known him. For me it has been a slow moving transformation. When we first met, “upnorth” meant bugs everywhere, an outhouse which was just beyond possible for me to imagine and hotdogs cooked over a fire on a tree branch…ewwww! We could only visit “upnorth” after stopping at the gas station before arriving so I could use the bathroom and with the understanding that I was not going to eat a hot dog off a dirty branch. As far as the bugs, well, I still don’t like them, but who really does?

I laugh writing this because now I can’t wait to be in the outdoors with much less than “upnorth” had to offer back then.Which brings me to this post today. I thought I would share with you some of the things I just can’t live without while at home or in the great outdoors. I think some of you may find some items useful in the outdoors, at home, during the four seasons or in your every day life. I think you may find some things quite odd also but I am who I am and really have things that I can not imagine living without.

Some of my favorite things:

During Winter: my gloves. I am a germ freak, I would NEVER shop or open a door handle during the winter illness season without my gloves on.

During Spring: longer days, grass reappears, open windows with a breeze.

During Summer: my clothes lines. I love the scent of fresh hung bedsheets. I feel alive when the sun shines. Water activities, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding.

During Fall: hiking excursions.


In the Kitchen: my ceramic knives. They make life soooo much easier when it comes to food preparation.

In the Bathroom: Alba salt scrub. My own little piece of a tropical island. Oh, and dental floss, I am obsessed with flossing my teeth. (Odd, I warned you)

In the Bedroom: flannel sheets, I would not survive winter in Wisconsin without them.

Kayaking: hair elastic….have you ever attempted to kayak when it’s 90 degrees wearing a helmet with long hair? I will assure you it’s hell. Also, my PFD, the astral bella. Made for a woman. Brilliant invention!


Stand Up Paddle Boarding: have to have my water shoes, I hate the feel of YUCK at the bottom of some lakes when I take an unexpected swim


Hiking: My go girl.Guys are so lucky. They can literally pee anywhere. Us females have to tromp back into snake territory, find a tree to hide behind and squat, praying a snake don’t appear at our feet and we pee all over ourselves. This little device my friends is a woman’s best friend, trust me. $10 will buy you a snake free pee anywhere opportunity. One word of advise before using outdoors is PRACTICE at home.

Favorite Freeze Dried Meal Brand: Mountain House


Favorite Drink: I have fallen in love with the Almond/Coconut blended milk

Favorite Dinner: during the summer its always a summery salad like the BLT pasta salad, winter months it’s any type of soup.


Favorite Breakfast: egg whites on Trader Joe’s Sprouted Grain Bread with siracha sauce, fresh pineapple chunks and coffee.

Gym Bag Necessity: head bands

Favorite Outdoor Sport: really depends on the time of year. Summer it’s kayaking or if its really hot stand up paddling, fall it’s hiking, spring it’s hiking and winter is really nothing outdoors.

Favorite Thing To Relax: walk

Favorite Hiking Boot/Sandal: Keen


Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday….this is usually our recharge day. Mon-Fri we work, Saturday is when I get all my errands done in the winter months. In the summer months we are doing something fun as a family from sun up to sun down on Saturdays so errands may be Friday nights. Sunday is the day to rest, prep weekday foods and laundry. When evening rolls around it’s usually spent cuddling on the couch trying to stay awake at 7pm.

And I have to add the two things I could never live without are of course my husband and son. It scares me at times to see how alike they are although I would not change anything. My son enjoys giving me these daily lessons in physics, which I will admit, I really don’t care how or why things work sometimes as long as they work. And he loves scaring me on the trail by throwing sticks in the bushes from behind me and then I think there is a snake. He may get a good laugh out of this but I always find a way to get back at him eventually. My husband is my rock. He always sees the bright side, even on gloomy days. He is my personal massage therapist, winter driving chauffeur, my kayak carrier, snake tamer or maybe I should say wife tamer when I see a snake, my work out partner and my best friend.


So there it is, I think I hit all my favorites in all the areas of my life.