A Little Of This and A Little Of That

We had a great weekend. With Mother’s Day on Sunday my son offered to prepare dinner of my choice which he knows is always a great offer. Meals always taste better when someone else prepares them. My choice was turkey reuben sandwiches on texas toast with fresh, wild asparagus on the side. YUMMMM!

In other weekend events…..I attempted my first game of disc golf with my immobility boot. We went to a course on the UW Green Bay campus. IMG_0973

Not a great game for me but it was still fun. I had a hard time getting up the hills with that darn boot on but with a little help I managed. It was a gorgeous day and we saw many families playing together which is always nice to see. IMG_0976

Saturday morning our son was working so my husband and I headed out to a recreational trail for some wild asparagus picking. IMG_0963

No one in my family eats asparagus except me however, my husband enjoys picking it.




While we were nearby we also stopped at my favorite fish market and purchased some smoked salmon. My mouth literally starts watering the second I walk in and smell their fabulous smoked fish. IMG_0954

Which reminds me, have you tried this Korean BBQ pork jerky yet? We found ours at Costco….I highly recommend it!


After a full day of activity, it was time to relax and try out my new resistance band exercises on my healthy ankle. In one more week I will be able to start exercising both ankles and hopefully they are healthy enough to attempt our big vacation in a few weeks.


I was able to use the medium resistance band on my good ankle. I can only imagine that my injured ankle will not be as strong, but we’ll see soon enough.

What does your family do for fun?

Have you ever picked something wild and fed it to your family?





Meal Planning

Hello hello, how is your weekend going?

It’s time to share what’s on the menu for our week ahead. This is quite the crazy week for us so my trusty crock pot will be very busy (as you will see below).

Sunday: chicken brats, baked beans, homemade napa cabbage salad

Monday: baked boneless pork chops with sriracha BBQ sauce, asparagus, perogies

Tuesday: crock pot shredded taco chicken salads

Wednesday: orzo pasta salad with kale and assorted veggies with hummus

Thursday: crock pot beef and broccoli over rice

Friday: crock pot asian chicken thighs, sauteed bok choy over rice noodles

Saturday: we may try and visit a new BBQ restaurant in a near by town

As always, if you see something that sounds good and you would like the recipe, comment or email me at rednatural1973@gmail.com and I will be happy to share it with you.


Weekend Highlights: Paddling Season Arrives

We had such a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend that we took advantage of every single second. Every single day was packed with fun. Which is probably why I find myself sitting here now typing and letting my body rest before the kids arrive in a few hours. It’s one of those Mondays (which will actually be Tuesday) I am happy to see come because my job is often easier than my weekend adventures in the summer months 🙂

We started off Saturday hiking a trail and picking wild asparagus. (No pics to share, I forgot the camera) Saturday afternoon was spent packing the truck with kayak gear for the first big paddle of the year.

Sunday we left home at 10am for our favorite river, truck and trailer were fully loaded and ready.


We had two of our son’s friends join us, one seasoned paddler and one newbie. (Sister’s actually)

The water was still quite chilly but honestly, I expected worse.The young one’s were able to tolerate the water temperature fairly well and even got in a little body surfing.


My boys wasted no time getting back into the groove with their play boats.



Although, our son did drink some river water twice Sunday by forgetting how to keep his kayak upright.


To our surprise even the newbie wanted in on the surfing action. So, our son gave her a few pointers before sending her into the current.


After surfing she even surprised us with her request to try the biggest rapid on the river. For her safety we sent my husband down first and had him stand mid rapid on a rock with the throw rope.


She made it like a pro, the rope never left the bag, or at least for her anyway…

It was so great to be back on the river, paddles in hand and eagles flying over our head. We’ve waited so long this year to get back out there.


Monday brought a day of fishing for my husband and son and I spent it doing a little retail therapy.(shopping) Someones has to do it!

It was a great weekend. I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as we did.