Art Is Everywhere….Even Geocaching

This weekend my hubby and I logged a few miles of geocaching. And this happened to be the most artistic day on the trail I have ever experienced.


Whoever constructed this section of geocaches added a fun flair to this activity. From caches made to look like snakes slithering up trees(which yes, I spotted first),


to caches with goggly eyes that were hid behind small capes hung by wire bent art,


to log animal caches strategically hid.


I mentioned while hiking down the trail that maybe the deer hunter who put so much time and effort into this deer stand also had a hand in these geocaches. He did not think so, although, I still wonder if maybe it’s possible. Most deer stands are not nearly as nice and colorful as this one here in WI. Most look to be falling down and a hazard to climb up into. This was quite the sight to see deep in the wilderness. IMG_3001

While geocaching today we were lucky enough to come across a Geo Bug that we plan to move real soon to another location. We have the perfect spot and hope it travels far and wide. IMG_2988

We eventually came to a river crossing today and I was happy to see water still flowing and not much ice to be seen quite yet.

IMG_3011 IMG_3008

We have been experiencing gorgeous weather here in WI so far this winter. Of course, that is if you are not a snow lover, cause there is none on the ground and none in the near future. That, right there, is a reason to celebrate the season in my eyes!!!

As you can see, with sun in my eyes and mud on my boots, I absolutely loved hiking today with my best friend.


****In case your wondering why the blaze orange attire today… in WI it is deer hunting season. Better safe than sorry:)