How Our Life Changes With The Seasons

It’s funny how our life changes from one thing to the next. As with most people, I would assume that your activities also change with the seasons, as do ours. But have you ever not wanted a season to end because you were not ready for that part of life to be over? I am at that point right now.

Last weekend we started noticing more and more mosquitos and other insects.        Which for me means hiking season is going to be put on the back burner for awhile. Yes we could still hike if we wanted although, it will be pretty miserable with the amount of bugs we would encounter. I also know it’s only a matter of a few weeks before we can get back to the trails and track more miles. Oddly enough I am sad but happy all at the same time with this fact. Simply because now we are full swing into our water sports. We have always been a water loving family it’s just now our toys (kayaks/SUP) are a little more costly. We plan to use my SUP much more this year because we only need one vehicle to use this piece of equipment. When we kayak we need two vehicles one for the beginning and one to park at the end of the river. With that being said, when the need for adrenaline hits, you can bet we will paddle a river with whitewater to fulfill that rush.

This week we finally pulled the trigger and decided to sell our bikes. We have not rode them for a year and my husband just never really fell in love with this sport. We have debated back and forth but I know we won’t miss them in the long run. First of all, we can use the room in the basement. And second, between five kayaks,one SUP, tennis equipment, hiking and camping equipment, workout equipment, hunting supplies, a duck skiff, and a fishing boat with trailer, I think we will be plenty occupied.

Oh, and I have to tell you… I  was feeling pretty ageless one night after the UPS truck arrived and our son finally received his new long board. Being the person I am, I watched for a few minutes taking mental notes on where his feet were placed, which way to tip the board to turn properly and so on, and thought, hmmm looks like fun.  After being called a chicken by my husband I grabbed some shoes and gave it a try. Well, let’s just say I only made it a few yards down the street before falling. Thankfully being caught by my son before totally hitting the pavement but the damage was done. I was sore in three places, knee, ankle and hip. I was not feeling ageless any more! This experience gained me a few things. Knowledge that I will never be a long boarder, a sleepless night in pain and a hip massage from the hubby with no added benefits being offered (if you know what I mean) for calling me a chicken!

Anyhow, I will say these are the months in our life where somehow we manage to fit in all our favorite sports. We have so many fun things coming up that I hope to capture it all and share it with all of you. Every river we paddle (if I don’t drop the camera in the river), every game I win on the tennis court, every mile we hike, our SUP adventures (I am not brave enough to take the camera on the board quite yet) , and every park we visit with a big one coming up in fall that I am so excited about.

How does your life change with the season?

If you could pick one season to remain in forever which would it be?