Working Out Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Oh, this is such a true statement for me. Lately, this is all that keeps me sane. I can have the worse day ever but if I can find it in me to drag myself downstairs or to the gym I know I will feel better after I achieve a good workout.

What makes me even more happy is that my family and friends are well aware of my love of exercise. Recently, a friend of mine stopped over for a visit and brought along a flyer from the city I live in with a new program they are trying. I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life and honestly the last 10 years or so, I have dreamed of moving somewhere much more active. You can only imagine my excitement when I saw that the city is hosting FREE classes at area parks for residents to participate in for a few weeks or to try once and never return.

This all got me to thinking, why are we the way we are….

Have you wanted to become active but can’t afford a gym membership, a class fee, or maybe the gear to try a new sport/activity?

Would you participate in a program like this if your hometown offered a free trial session of a new activity?

Would you rather try something alone or would you never go alone?

Is there a reason you want to become more active but just won’t take that first step?

What would motivate you to take that leap of faith and try something new and active?

I can assure you everyone has had or still has these same questions and thoughts going through their head when they are considering trying something new. However, those that do step out of their comfort zone typically never regret it. Whether they succeed or fail at whatever it is that they try, they have accomplished getting past the fear of “what if” and can say, they tried it!

Working out for me is truly my therapy of choice. It makes me happy, keeps me healthy, makes me feel good, and gives me the energy to make it through some hard days. That is not to say that I don’t struggle to get in a workout everyday. Some days it is a chore, sometimes even a hassle but I NEVER REGRET IT!!!!!

I want to encourage you all to get up and stop dreaming about becoming healthier. Make this dream a reality. Whether you are big or small, young or old, you will never accomplish happiness unless you get up and take that first step. Don’t worry about what other people around you are doing or saying. No one really cares what you look like or how well you are doing something. It’s the fact that you are out there doing it and trying your best at it.





Monday Motivation

Sunday 11/2: GYM: 40 minutes elliptical, free weights upper body

Monday 11/3: HOME: 30 minutes bike, upper body weights, 3 mile walk, 200 crunches

Tuesday 11/4: HOME: 200 crunches, 30 minute bike, balance ball routine

GYM:35 minutes elliptical, upper and lower body weights

Wednesday 11/5: Home: 200 crunches, free weights(arms)

GYM: 45 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday 11/6:
3 mile walk

Friday 11/7: HOME: 200 crunches and free weights(arms), 30 minutes bike, balance ball routine

GYM: 20 minutes elliptical, upper and lower body weights

Saturday 11/8: OFF……but we walked for hours while on our “SHOP TILL YOU DROP” Chicago shopping trip. That has to count for something;-)

Sunday I awoke to both my boys gone for the majority of the day by 6 a.m. so I figured a good solo early morning gym workout would be a great way to start my day. I love early morning workouts compared to evenings so this put a smile on my face for the day;-)

This was an odd work week for me since I had Wednesday off to attend to a few appointments in the morning hours. Which then left me with half the day just for me. Take a guess what I did first….aaaah went to the gym. I know, pretty pathetic but it’s what makes me feel good. I got in a great workout, then met some friends for lunch, and just really enjoyed some “me time” for a change.

This was quite the week for me. Workouts were great, my ankle seems to be headed in the right direction with less pain, and we really put on some miles while shopping Saturday which was exactly what I was hoping to achieve. With our first snow storm predicted to start this morning, I am ready to change gears and begin our training schedule as planned this week.




Monday Motivation


I plan to make Monday’s all about motivation for the next few weeks. Research has shown that when you workout with a partner you feel this obligation to show up and get it done whether you feel like it or not due to obligation to that other person. I truly believe this is a fact. I know there are times when I just don’t feel like it and my husband will push me to just give it a try and see what happens (or vice versa for him) and usually the outcome is great. So, I thought by posting what I do for workouts every Monday may give all my readers the little push to just give it a try and see what happens. We can be like virtual partners. We all have busy, crazy lives at some time or another, especially with the holidays right around the corner. If I can motivate one person to get in a workout and feel the benefits, I will have achieved my goal. For the next few Monday’s I will post the workouts I did from the week prior which will keep me accountable and at the same time hopefully show you that you can and do have time to get in a workout.

Sunday 10/26: GYM: 30 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes ARC, free wights(arms) and stretching

Monday 10/27: HOME: 200 crunches, 30 minutes bike, balance ball and weights routine

Tuesday 10/28: HOME: 200 crunches, 30 minutes bike, weights and balance ball routine, 3 mile walk outside

Wednesday10/29: GYM: 30 minutes elliptical, weights(legs and arms), 15 minutes walking-treadmill

Thursday 10/30: HOME: 200 crunches, rake our entire yard, 3 mile walk

Friday 10/31: HOME: 30 minutes bike, weights and balance ball routine

Saturday 11/1: Aqua Zumba 60 minutes

I would call this a fairly typical week for me. Obviously, I don’t rake my lawn every week as I did Thursday but it needed to be done and it was a nice change of pace. As for my first aqua zumba class… was fun and also a nice change of pace. Although, I missed breaking a sweat like at the gym, I did feel it was a good workout just not as intense as I would have liked. That being said, I will see how the next few weeks go.

What’s The Best Time to Work Out

What is your best time to get the most from your workout? Mornings or evenings?

I believe there are pluses and minuses to both. Frankly, as long as you fit it in, you have accomplished the goal.

I suppose this could go either way for many people depending on your family and your job. For myself, I would workout every morning if time was not a consideration. Right now, I split it into three different times during the day from Monday through Friday. Weights and crunches first thing in the morning, aerobic and more weights in the afternoon, and either yoga, 3 mile walk or 45 minutes at the gym after dinner. Crazy, right?

I normally take one rest day during the week. Although, sometimes I think I should exercise every single day, it just makes me happy. Rest day is usually my bitchy day. Odd but true.

On weekends I almost always get up before my husband is even thinking about awakening and go to the gym and get a great 1 1/2 hour work out which does me good for the entire day. I wish I could fit this into my weekday mornings, but it’s just not possible.


Some of the pluses I have found about morning workouts is:

*Workouts first thing in the morning will give you energy throughout the entire day.

*No excuse for not being consistent if it’s the first thing you do every day then nothing can surprisingly come up.

*You have a feeling of accomplishment and the day just started. Even if the rest of the day is crappy, you got in a good workout to be proud of.

*I love mornings because crowds are usually not a problem

*I find if I work out in the evenings, it’s much harder for me to fall asleep at night.

*Much of our family time is in the evenings, so if I can get in my workout during the day I don’t feel like I am missing out on family time.

Like I said, in a perfect world, I would workout every single day in the mornings. Maybe someday I will get to do this. Right now, when that alarm goes off at 4am, there is nothing that I would love more than to get up, go to the gym and return home from a great workout. So I wait patiently for weekends and get in my full morning workouts, and deal with the three way split during the week. Either way, a workout is a workout and as long as we all fit it in somewhere it’s an accomplishment.

When do you prefer to workout? Why?