Moms Can Have Fun Too

Why is it that after becoming a mom and raising our children most of us often feel we are too old to have fun? This is not the case ladies. Giving birth does not mean giving up on life goals of your own to give your children everything they could ever hope and dream for in life. It may mean putting them on hold for quite some time, but believe me, there is life after raising kids. You may ask where I am going with this statement….well, let me tell you.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend with two of my closest friends on a lake at one of their cabins. One is very new to kayaking, one is very new to any water sports, and I, as you all know, would live in the water if it did not freeze like a brick here in WI during the winter. We arrived to find the lake quite rough. Actually, in all honesty, the friend that owns the cabin called us before even leaving home and said its was very windy and we could reschedule if we wanted because the lake was too rough for her to even consider going into. I relayed that message to by husband and son and we all had the same thought…..what, too rough….not possible. We headed out the door minutes later.


Anyhow, we arrived to find waves and my girlfriend repeating that we were crazy to want to paddle the lake. It took some time but eventually we got her into her kayak and us three ladies took our first paddle together. For extra assistance, my husband was not far behind just in case. A few strokes of her paddle and she admitted that it was not what she expected it to be. Her boat took the waves well and she did just fine. Clark Lake-4

Our next adventure of the day was tubing…..which if you recall two of us did a few weeks ago with not even the right type of tubes. This time, however, we used the proper type of tube and even though they both thought they were going to watch this adventure…. I would not take no for an answer. It’s too rough, my back will hurt, my hair will get messed up, I am not made to tube…..whateverrrrrr, lets do it!!!! And we all did.

Clark Lake-5

Clark Lake-13

Clark Lake-1

A big THANKS goes out to our husbands and my son. One for driving the boat, one husband assisting with the rope and ready to dive in for assistance, and my son for capturing this moment on camera from the boat. We had a fantastic time and some great laughs together. No one regretted this activity and we all were so happy to share it together.

After this it was time for warm clothes and margaritas by the campfire. IMG_4583

Maybe we forget as mom’s that fun can be had by all. Of course we want our children to enjoy life and grow up to be happy and as the parent we need to be the responsible one to say no that’s too dangerous or yes go for it. We make them wear their bike helmets, life jackets, shin guards and bandage them when they fall. However, that does not mean that when the time is right and our kids are grown up old enough to fend for themselves that we can’t go back to being a bit of an adventurer and try new things. I always say, life is too short to die before you have lived so go for it and live big. I plan to never say, I wish I had done this or that…..I plan to go with no regrets.


Are you a mom that has raised kids and find yourself scared to try new adventures?

Why do you hold yourself back?

Are you living to die or dying to live?????


Training Plan For Desert Hiking/RockScrambling

We have come up with a training plan for our winter warm weather getaway we have planned. We will be desert hiking and rock scrambling in the fabulous Mojave Desert. I truly believe this is exactly what the doctor would have prescribed for my health and well being if I would have asked for there advice on how to survive another WI winter.

A little over a year ago I surprised my husband with an anniversary trip to Zion National Park for three days of intense hiking with significant elevation. We had only three weeks of training for this trip since I am such a wonderful wife and decide to do these types of vacations on a whim:-) We were sent the training recommendations and were religious about getting it accomplished before we left. I will admit, it was not easy, we busted our butts every night and every weekend but we did it. We arrived in gorgeous Utah and never regretted the work we did to make our vacation something we will never forget. Which brings us to this vacation training plan and a much longer time frame to prepare for this adventure.

Here is what our plan looks like:

Monday: 60 minutes of cardio (machine of choice) and upper/lower body weights

Tuesday: 30 minutes cardio (machine of choice) and 3-4 mile walk

Wednesday: 60 minutes cardio (machine of choice) and upper/lower body weights

Thursday: 30 minutes cardio (machine of choice) and 3-4 mile walk

Friday: 60 minutes yoga

Saturday: Aqua Zumba class in the morning and 30 minutes cardio (machine of choice) in afternoon


Keep in mind this is only a plan and we could and may change it up depending on life. However, we were very dedicated last time and stuck to it very well and plan to also be dedicated this time and stick as close as possible to this one.

Some people call us crazy that we(I) plan these vacations where we need to prepare this drastically for weeks before leaving. I just call it instant happiness. Leaving home with many inches of snow on the ground for sunshine and warmth plus arriving in great shape to do something beyond my comfort zone is exactly how I wish I could live life every single day.

Here’s to sore muscles, exhaustion and pure happiness;-)