Your Wish Is My Command

If you look up this phrase Your Wish I My Command you will see this definition

Phrase. your wish is my command. (often humorous) Whatever you say you wish for I will treat as a command and do straight away.

Well, this is exactly what happened one Sunday while I was searching Amazon for reasonably affordable doll house furniture…which I will tell you….none of them were reasonable! I was complaining about the price and said in a  frustrated voice, all I need is two beds, a table, and two chairs….and nothing is under $50. And my husband says, how big do you want these things and where are you going to use them? I explained what I was looking to do and before I knew it he was in his workroom constructing me some furniture.

It started with a plan, scrap wood, and a quick trip to the hardware store for paint.


And construction began.





Once everything was assembled, it was time to paint the pieces. IMG_0864

A few hours after painting I had two chairs and two beds….table is yet to come.


And the finished product, by far the most important, was one VERY HAPPY LITTLE GIRL!









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