New Cookbooks Are Being Delivered Which Meals New Meals Are Being Enjoyed

I’ve added yet another new cookbook to my collection. Right after Christmas I cleaned out my cookbook cabinet and found that there were not many I used anymore since going artificial sweetener free in my meal planning for my husbands health reasons. Even now, with the three new books that I recently bought, I typically get ideas from them and add my own twist to the meal I prepare. I know what will pass the test of my family and what won’t…and sometimes I wing it and hope for the best. I will say, and give a lot of credit to both my husband and my son, they have been really adjusting much better than I thought they would to a more plant based diet. Why plant based you may ask? To simply put it, fruits and veggies don’t have labels that I have to scan for things that are not good for us to consume. They are straight forward and don’t need any help being tasty.

In other news, has anyone else noticed more daylight hours? I sure have. I have also noticed that our snow here is melting and temps are slowing becoming tolerable. Mud season(Spring) is right around the corner and I for one am so ready to dive right in. My upcoming meal plans have grilled food on them, I have charcoal on the grocery list, and all this means life for me is finally turning a corner. We even went for a walk on the neighborhood streets the other night….I have not done this in months. WhooHoo!!!

So, moving on with some meal inspiration for everyone….here is what dinner time looked like at our house this past week. I accomplished five new recipes this week…wow this was amazing.

Saturday: Moroccan stew and homemade spring rolls with dipping sauce (meatless) (both new recipes and both so yummy)

***This was a mother/son meal combo. I made the stew and he made the spring rolls with dipping sauce. As for dad….he simply enjoyed the meal;-)


Sunday: ham, peas, and pasta with garlic cream sauce and crusty bread

Monday: slow cooker beef lo mein (new recipe and oh so tasty)


Tuesday: cheese stuffed manicotti with veggie marinara and cheese topping (meatless)


Wednesday: Mediterranean pasta skillet casserole (new recipe that came from my own thoughts….maybe I aught to write a cookbook since this also turned out spectacular)


Thursday: honey mustard crunch salads (honey mustard was another new recipe-fabulous!!!)

Friday: out

I am a bit afraid of what will come once the weather is really nice and I have so much less time to spend in the kitchen to prepare quality meals. Although, I know here in the midwest  summer is so short that I can surely come up with some fast, tasty meals that can be thrown together super quick after a long hot day of playing outside. The plan is to cross that bridge when I get there.

As for food prep for the upcoming week….none at all happened. I know I am going to pay the price for not doing any on Sunday but after waking up and making a trip to urgent care for an unforseen issue, I did not have the energy to do anything but sleep.



4 thoughts on “New Cookbooks Are Being Delivered Which Meals New Meals Are Being Enjoyed

  1. Would you share the delicious sounding recipes for Med. Pasta Skillet casserole and the Honey Mustard Crunch salads? (Or do I have to wait for your cookbook? Seriously, you should consider writing one!) Thanks!

    • I know I should write one but I am horrible about writing down what I throw in a pan and then if it turns out tasty I have to try hard to recall what I did. However, maybe someday….when I retire and have much more time I will write my own cookbook.

      The skillet meal was this(if I recall):
      left over rotisserie chicken
      1 pkg NoYolk noodles
      about 2-3 cups chicken stock(give or take…I added as I went to cook the noodles through)
      1 can artichokes
      approx 1/2 cup kalamata olives cut in half
      one of my blended sundried tomato cups that I freeze for easy use
      1 garlic cloves
      yellow onion
      parm cheese

      I began by cooking the onion, then added the noodles(dry) with the stock, olives, sundried tomato puree, and garlic. Cover and cooked stirring once in awhile. I also added as I needed more stock until my noodles were almost done. About half way through cooking I added the artichokes,olives, and chicken. When the noodles were just about done I topped it with cheese, put the cover back on and left it melt with the heat turned off. And that was it.

      The chicken crunch salads were our favorite salad veggies, topped with TJ Farms crunchy popcorn chicken bites cooked as directed on the package. and then topped with cheddar cheese and homemade honey mustard dressing which is this:
      1/2cup olive oil
      4 TBSP honey
      2 TBSP apple cider vinegar
      2 TBSP lemon juice
      1/2 tsp sea salt
      1/4 cup stone ground mustard
      1 large garlic clove
      I measure all this into a food processor and blend it well. Refrigerate for at least two hours and serve.

      • Thank-you for the recipes; they are on my menu for the coming week! As for writing a cookbook when you retire, I just don’t see you retiring quietly enough to sit still- you will probably be even more active with more time…

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