Weekend Outdoor Fun….Yes, Outdoor Fun…Can You Believe It?

Oh my, was it a great weekend to be outside. I went outside in January….and had fun….simply amazing!!!! It was so warm….in the 40’s here in Green Bay both days…yeh!!!!


I had planned to go to yoga Saturday morning as usual but when my husband mentioned to me that it was going to be warm enough to venture out and take a hike I immediately changed my plans.


We stayed close to home since we knew the snow depth in our area and arrived at one of our favorite nearby trails. I was very happy to see it was not nearly as snow covered as I had thought it would have been. IMG_0275

We walked along the trail and took in the sunshine on our faces with great pleasure. It felt so good to breathe fresh air and get in some outdoor exercise.


We watched the ice fishermen nearby on the Bay of Green Bay, all the while thinking to myself how crazy of a sport ice fishing is. IMG_0277

We did not see much wildlife while we hiked but we did run across a trail friend who was moving very, very slowly but moving none the less.


Three miles later we ended our hike and it felt amazing.


Then on Sunday I woke up, got in a gym workout, came home to meal prep, and once again headed back outside for yet another hike with a friend this time.


We walked 5 miles, saw one bald eagle that I scared away trying to get a picture of, and lots of melting happening all along the way. IMG_0301

I know it’s too early to be this excited about the weather being so nice but you know what, I will take what I can get and enjoy every last hour until the next snow fall happens or the next ice storm glazes over everything in sight(which could happen tomorrow from what they are saying).

All in all it was a great weekend. I feel refreshed and ready for another long week ahead.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Outdoor Fun….Yes, Outdoor Fun…Can You Believe It?

  1. I’ve never been on that trail. Though if I go near the Bay it’s usually Dykesville or Door county shores. Trails I take around here are the East River or Baird’s Creek. Hiking in January is mind blowing. Springlike conditions again this weekend!

    • We like a few in the area. You look to stick to the east side of Green Bay or Door County area….you could also try UWGB trails, Wildlife Sanctuary has some backwoods trails that not very many people know about and if you venture to the Suamico area you could also try Barkhausen Wildlife Refuge.
      As for the weekend I know I saw this too. I may venture out again….not sure yet where though.

      Where do you hike near Dykesville? I am very familiar with this area since we have family that lives here…I was not aware of any hiking trails though.

      • There’s none in Dykesville, I was just speaking of hanging out in general. I ski Barkhausen and tried to get mom out on her snowshoes in that park. Have done the wildlife sanctuary also. Great little wilderness spots.

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