It Has Not Been Easy To Remove Artificial Sweeteners From Our Diet

This Is A Readers Request Update:

It’s been almost two full months since my husband has removed all artificial sweeteners from his diet in hope to find relief from his apparent IBS symptoms. To see the initial start of this process read here. Today I would like to discuss the progress and how much our life has changed. As with any big change it is often easier to do as a couple than just one person. For the most part this is what we have done….completely removed artificial sweetener from our diets.

The biggest thing we needed to do was go through the items we already had in the house that contained something besides real sugar. Gosh, this was not easy and I feel we are pretty healthy eaters. However, my husband did find he was consuming much more than he thought in the form of artificial sweeteners. From something as straight forward(or though we thought) as cottage cheese to his love for candy…they all contained something besides sugar.

We needed to address his love for candy pronto. He loves his candy…..mints, chocolate, sour or sweet candy…he loves it all. And every single candy he loved was tainted with something on the no no list….and believe me the list is long….very long. So we searched hard, did some fast researching, and actually drove two hours to a store to purchase some candy made with real sugar. Yes, crazy maybe….but everyone deserves a treat here and there. We did find some great alternatives and actually now he prefers these over the old.


Next, I needed to examine our sauces and spices. Oh my goodness, sauces are almost all artificial sweetener and it literally made me ill to know over half of what we used for condiments was tainted with this stuff. So we tossed, dumped, and went back to some of my own mixtures as a permanent fix in our diets now. From BBQ sauce to sloppy joe sauce, everything we commonly used needed to be homemade.


Salad dressings are all made from scratch now.



We have been experimenting with spice mixes both store bought and homemade and have found a few favorites.


Eating out is simply a challenge. Without being able to read every ingredient in every menu item it is often not worth the risk.


Pizza is now made all homemade with crust that is free of artificial sweetener and we have been very careful about choices at restaurants when we need to eat out. Like the week he traveled for work for instance. Only one evening did he feel bloated and sick which is actually great considering I imagined worse.



When we are out and about I do my best to pack a picnic type lunch so we do not have to chance a mistake at a restaurant and struggle to make healthy choices on the road.


Dessert bought from a store is completely out of the question. And since I do not enjoy baking, much less have the time to bake on a regular basis, this will be a very special treat to see dessert at our house. However, once in a great while it rains which means we can’t go outside and I get the urge to create a sweet treat for my family like this strawberry rhubarb crisp I recently made.


He is learning to read every label on every item he consumes. I am learning to find new favorite products at the grocery store and thankfully shopping is getting a bit faster than it first was when this all began.


He is also eating much more fresh, clean food items than ever before and is feeling better than ever. Fresh is best. And believe me, just because the product says all natural or organic does not mean it is artificial sweetener free….this was shocking to us both!!!!


As a result he is feeling better than he has in two years. His bloating only occurs when he eats something he shouldn’t and does not catch the sweetener used. He is again enjoying vegetables and as a bonus we have both lost weight from this big change in our diets. If you find yourself bloated, miserable, and just plain tired of dealing with abdominal pain and discomfort and have found no relief, try removing artificial sweeteners from your diet. The improvement was almost immediate(48 hours) and you may be surprised to feel the same results.



9 thoughts on “It Has Not Been Easy To Remove Artificial Sweeteners From Our Diet

    • Oh my, I wish I could but right now we are really in the trial and error phase of all this. I make a dressing and if it’s good we eat it and if it’s bad we dress it up a bit more. And of course, I don’t measure or write down anything as I do it….one of my big flaws.
      I will however tell you greek yogurt(plain) has been a go to for creamy dressings and really any spice mixed with balsamic vinegar/olive oil has been a hit also. One favorite so far is plain greek yogurt mixed with a spice called Fox Point by Penzey’s, some fresh dill,parsley, and one garlic clove chopped fine. Mix this together and add a bit of salt to taste. Let it sit for at least 1/2 hour before serving….it’s great on salad, burgers, gyros, and as a veggie dip.

  1. Wonderful…I have the herbs in my garden, the yogurt in my fridge and the spice in my pantry…I will try it for dinner on the salad…thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh man. Can you go on depth with a lot of the products that contained artificial sweeteners? I know some may be common sense but I feel like there would definitely be a lot I wouldn’t think about.

    • This would be so hard to do since I had to print off the list of names applied to these sweeteners that I carry in my purse to have handy during grocery shopping. The list is at least 50 different names long….that being said DEXTROSE and SUCRALOSE are two of the most common and are in so many things. Things such as tator tots, some cottage cheese, many yogurts, almost every condiment sauce on the market, breads, etc. This is why we have found it best to eat fresh and clean food without even really trying to eat clean and fresh….it’s simply easier than reading convenience food packages.
      However, we have found some substitutes for some of his snack type items and its been worth every extra minute I have had to spend in the grocery store. At times its frustrating but he feels better which makes life better for us all.
      Hopefully this helps you.
      Let me know if you have other questions.

      • What have you done in place of conventional breads? Just decided to make your own? I’m really going to need to look into this. I wonder if it would help, a lot, with just my general digestion and other IBS-D symptoms.

      • Luckily, the bread we used we did not have to change. Although, our normal tortillas for wraps we did.I also found a flat bread with no sweeteners that works perfect for pizzas.
        I could never make my own bread….I have no time for this and I do not love to bake.

        Keep in mind, we cut all artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols…..which can sometimes be worse than the actual sweeteners themselves.

        Like I said, it was very hard at first, I gave a lot of food away to friends to get rid of it and we are still finding foods we have used forever that we need to change yet. But the pay off has been amazing so far.

  3. Wow this is so eye opening. I will have to check out this list. I am guilty of indulging in an artificially sweetened product here and there (I love Quest protein bars…they’re no bueno loaded w/ sugar alcohol. I have to hide them from Felipe so he doesn’t know I still have one once in awhile!), but I had no idea it was in so many non “diet” products. 😦 I don’t have stomach issues, but I do get concerned about feeding it to the baby as I know behavioral issues and allergies have been tied to that junk.

    • Yes it truly has been eye opening. And I am sure we don’t even have a complete list of names they all use for the artificial sweeteners… we are doing the,”when it doubt cut it out rule”. And so far its been amazing the change that has taken place.
      I feel bad as a mom and wife knowing what I have been feeding my child and husband for their entire lives….but now I know better.
      (And you secret of hidden bars is safe with me…haha)

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