First Hike Of 2017

We decided to forgo the gym on January 1st. and hike since the sun was shining and I came down with some sort of nasty respiratory bug which made working out difficult the day before. Plus, my husband was dying to try out his new GPS we bought him for Christmas.


We headed to my favorite nearby trail to see if the construction signs were removed yet and the trail had reopened. Upon arrival, I was thrilled to see it open….it had been closed for at least the last 6 months. We wasted no time making tracks in the snow since it was too cold to stand around.


The temperature was about 20 degrees when we arrived but the winds were quite low which made this hike fairly tolerable for this time of year. The trail did have varying depths of snow cover but was still easy to maneuver through.


It felt so good to be outside and soak up some natural sunshine. It has been weeks since I have ventured onto any trail in the area.


Even though my toes were cold by the time we were finished, it was a great way to start the new year.


Today we hiked the first 3 miles(almost) of many more to come this year.


Did you do anything special on January 1st?

3 thoughts on “First Hike Of 2017

  1. Hiked!! What kind of socks do you use when hiking? I wear the darn tough brand and barely ever are my feet cold below freezing. Around the teens they get a little uncomfortable if I stand still for too long.

    • I am very prone to blisters and have found that Injinji toe socks prevent them in all seasons. So winter, spring, summer, and fall I wear these and a sock liner. I would rather have cold toes than blistered toes. Plus, the little bit I do hike in the winter months, I don’t see the need to purchase winter hiking socks.

      Although, I do appreciate the suggestion of the Darn Tough brand, I have heard great things about them.

      • Darn tough doesn’t have “cold weather” socks. They’re just so well made that they keep my feet warm. They also have ones that have extra cushion in the arch issue & heels. Which is nice. They’re not thick & bulky at all and are my favorite to wear any season (probably because they’re not so heavy & wick moisture really well).

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