When Something Is Not Working Change It

I am a firm believer in this statement,“When something is not working change it!”

The older I get the easier it is to just simply say….whatever, who cares, what do you got to loose, etc. to others that ask advise from me. I learned a long time ago that everyone makes mistakes and we have all learned from them. However, I am at a point in my life where there are definitely some things I do not like and I am determined to change them one way or another. On the other hand, I am at a very content point in my life and am very happy where I am in many areas. Although, I know in my heart I am just not quite where I wish to be yet. Close….just not quite.

Which brings me to the big question, can one ever be completely happy? I mean truly happy, down to the core, to our inner soul? And if so, will we know when this is?

I just don’t know if its possible. Don’t we all need something to drive us through everyday? Something that gives us a reason to wake up every morning and face the world we live in? Something that gives us a reason to continue on a path toward that happiness we all seek out of life.

It scares me to wonder if I find true, complete happiness, whatever that may mean, will I find something else to not like. Isn’t this what life is all about after all? Seeking something, achieving it and striving for the next big thing that brings us happiness.

Do you think it’s possible to be truly happy in all areas of life?

Are you a dream chaser or do you settle for good enough?

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