Mescal Trail Hike-Sedona, Arizona

The Mescal Trail was the trail we decided to add on to one of our days. My husband fell in love with hiking through the desert terrain and wasn’t ready to be done one day so we ventured down this trail for a little over a mile and then backtracked the same mile for our return. From what I have researched, this trail does make a loop and would be about 5 miles total if this loop was completed. However, we knew we only had about an hour before darkness set in and there was no way I was hiking in the desert in the dark. Clearly, there are animals that can bit through this wicked cactus that I do not wish to meet in daylight much less darkness!!!!


This trail seemed to be utilized by a lot of mountain bikers. Yet, we did cross paths with hikers also and when we did cross paths with mountain bikers they were respectful and gave us on foot the right of way. (Odd to see, because the bikers we see on WI trails do not do this)


For the majority of the trail that we did hike, it was flat to little incline and offered quite an open feel to the desert. Unlike the Fay Canyon Trail, which is more enclosed and has tree cover, this was a mostly a sunny trail and I bet it could get pretty hot mid day.


I wish we had something like this near us to walk after working all day. It was a nice peaceful walk and great scenery from every direction.


The bit we did of this hike I would rate as easy.

*** To see more hikes we did in the Sedona area, click here and scroll down to the Arizona section and take your pick of which adventure you wish to read.

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