Doe Mountain Trail -Sedona, Arizona

Doe Mountain trail in Sedona, Arizona was by far one of my favorite hikes in this area. With it coming out to a 2.6 mile loop which includes climbing up the mountain face from the parking area and circling around the entire top of the mountain before returning down the same trail we came up. This trail was absolutely stunning…..



The mountain top itself is flat and easy to walk either through the middle or around the edge to get every angle possible of Sedona’s red rock area. The climb up itself is moderate I would say, and does have some areas of scrambling but nothing too serious.




Just before reaching the top of the mountain you will come to a crevice that needs to be scrambled up. It’s short and fairly easy to do with little to no difficulty.



For me the climb was fun, it’s when I reached the top that my heart was captured and I did not want to ever leave. Every direction I turned had views that were simply breathtaking.






The top of the mountain also offers some pretty spectacular views also.



A few things to note while doing this hike:

#1 While walking on top be careful of getting to close to the edge.  There are many different crevices that form jagged edges all along the top of this beauty….stay clear if your unsure.

#2 When you reach the top, make note of something near you, take a picture of the area, or mark a GPS with your location if you are carrying one. It is difficult to find your way back to the trail leading up with the top outer edge being so large. I took a picture of this sign located at the top and my husband marked the GPS which we ended up using to find our way back to the trailhead to go down again.


If I had to choose one hike to do over again between the six hikes we did here…..there would be no doubt that this would be the one I would choose. It was absolutely a breathtaking experience.

*** To see more hikes we did in the Sedona area, click here and scroll down to the Arizona section and take your pick of which adventure you wish to read.



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