Sunday…Time To Reflect and Look Ahead

Last week I found satisfying. Life matters calmed down, I did not struggle to find time to exercise, and I even enjoyed a few moments of relaxation.

Let’s see, if you remember I mentioned last Sunday that I plan to share what the upcoming workouts will look like to try and keep myself focused and accountable all at the same time. If you missed it, click the link and you will see what the plan was for last week.

Here is what I actually did accomplish last week:

Sunday: gym:elliptical

2.5 mile walk outside

Monday: yoga with a friend


Tuesday: home:20 minute recumbent bike, weight lifting

gym: 30 minute elliptical, weights, stretching

****we ended up swapping steps for the gym tonight due to rain

Wednesday: steps and hill walking

Thursday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, weight lifting, stretching

Friday: rest

Saturday:  gym: 30 minute elliptical, stretching

Which now brings me to next week which will hopefully look something like this:

Sunday: trail walk

Monday: steps and hill walking

Tuesday: gym

Wednesday: rest- dinner date with my brother

Thursday:steps and hill walking

Friday: rest

Saturday: hike….hopefully

Am I happy….I am.

Could I have done more….sure, but why?

I feel good about what I did accomplish and that is really all that matters.

What about you?

Do you look back on the week and wonder if you could have done more?





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