Hello Again….It’s Been Awhile

Hello, hello….It’s been awhile since I have posted anything. Well, life got a bit busy and I needed to let something fall behind and it just so happened to be blogging. So let’s catch up a bit.

Training for our upcoming Arizona hiking trip has consumed most, if not all, of my free time. And I assure you, free time is not easy to find. If I am not working, I am exercising. Which has led to my new best friend being my foam roller. This really helped when we first started doing flights of steps which has since gotten much easier. It’s rewarding to see progress so soon.


As to why my free time has been so limited….two weeks ago I added a newborn to the group of children I care for everyday. She is quite the little peanut but adds so much more work to my day. Feedings are much closer together and much of my time is spent sitting, feeding bottles to everyone during the daytime hours. All while keeping the toddler in our group happy and content. Add in household chores, meals and laundry and by evening I am tired. But each day she gets a bit older and now that everyone is starting to adjust to our new group dynamics its getting easier.

We did end up cancelling a recent camping trip we had planned due to a weekend of rain. This was quite depressing but we decided last minute to do the next best thing, we went shopping for outdoor equipment. We hopped in the SUV and headed to our nearest REI (2hrs from us) to purchase a few needed things for our trip and then made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s….my favorite grocery store.


Before falling asleep every evening I have been researching places, restaurants, trails, outfitters and so on for us to explore while in Sedona. From what I read, there is a very good chance my husband and son may starve to death while we are here. I, on the other hand, will be in pure bliss since most of this area is vegan/vegetarian. And the one thing I am looking forward to trying is prickly pear ice cream….apparently this is very popular in this area. We shall see…

And remember that hiking group I am working on forming in our area. I have gotten some great responses from some people. Now I have been working on our first meet and greet trail hike and a date for this to happen. Hopefully it becomes a regular monthly thing. If any readers are local and interested in joining us, let me know.


That about sums up life here lately. With the morning a bit cooler, school back in session,


and fall right around the corner, I am racing to have as much fun as I can before the snow flies. You will all have to forgive me if blogging becomes scarce for awhile since I don’t find a whole lot of time to sit and type my name much less a complete blog posting.

Until next time….



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