Time To Kick It Up A Notch…..Our Training Plan For Arizona Hiking

Yes, you read that correctly…..I am finally headed to another destination on my bucket list…..Sedona, Arizona!!!!!! OMG…excited is an understatement.

With this destination comes another training plan so I can make sure I can reach my goals while I am there. Hiking, of course, is the activity we have planned. And with hiking mountains comes switchbacks and elevation which all leads to pain the next morning upon waking up to use the restroom. Trust me when I say that the toilet seems much lower than any other toilet you have ever sat on the morning after you have hiked up a mountain side. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the pain I am going to try and avoid this time around. Anyone that has ever hiked elevation knows exactly what I am talking about….for the rest of you, just try and imagine sitting down and not knowing if your legs will be able to pick your body weight back up again. It’s pure muscle pain, like no other!!!

So I have a plan. Again, like times in the past, we will be training as a family, but at different times and different levels.  I need to listen to my body and not over do it since I still have some scar tissue issues happening in my abdomen. My husband has knee issues that we are hoping to #1 strengthen before leaving and #2 remedy some with the trekking poles he is going to purchase for this trip. And our son, who is also joining us, just needs to find time to exercise in general. He has a lot on his schedule being it’s summer and he works two jobs.

So the plan looks a bit like this for my husband and I:

Monday: stair climb and hill walking.


Tuesday: recumbent bike, weights


Wednesday: 3-5 mile walk…. which ultimately we will consider our rest day since walking is more a relaxing, end of the day activity for me than actual exercise.

Thursday: stair climb, hill walking


Friday: recumbent bike, weights


Saturday: random…..paddling, walking, hiking, yoga, elliptical etc.


Sunday: stair climb and hill walking


Thankfully, we are very lucky to live near all these types of challenges. We actually live at the bottom of a fairly large hill so walking up and down this hill is very convenient. And our steps are located at a nearby middle school which also is withing walking distance of our home, again very convenient. And with our downstairs full of workout equipment and a gym membership, we are set for success.

Here’s to a great few weeks of preparation………

Questions For All My Readers

****Have you been to Sedona, Arizona? Do you have any recommendations on what we should make sure we do or see? I would love to here them.

****Are you a trekking pole user when you hike? 


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