Minnesota’s North Shore Family Vacation- Summer 2016

Hello, hello….we are finally back from our family vacation to Minnesota’s North Shore. And what a vacation it was.


I stressed for days if we would be able to fit all our camping/hiking supplies in my SUV to make this adventure happen. My goal was to bring everything including all our food for the week so no stops at any grocery stores would be needed and I happily accomplished this goal. We had just enough room to sit and breathe but we made it.



The morning we left Green Bay it was humid and very hot. We knew we would be traveling through some storms to our final destination but I could have never imagined how terrible these storms would be. Here is a link if you would like to view the damage we traveled through. Thankfully, we were headed two more hours north and arrived to find all was well at our campground. IMG_4623

Our plan was to hike and explore the many Minnesota State Parks in the this area. I had high hopes of hiking some of the Superior Hiking Trail, our son wanted photographs of waterfalls, and my husband just wanted a break from work where there are no walls surrounding him. All of this was accomplished but not quite how I had planned it to happen.

Let me just say that we are not big crowd lovers. And taking nature and outdoor photographs is not easy when there are tons of people at easy to reach viewing platforms at given waterfalls. We made it through two parks on the planned lists and then I had had enough of the paved walkways they called trails in the research I did on these parks. My boys clearly could see mom was not having fun and we needed to change things up a bit and venture our own way. I wanted to HIKE, do some boulder climbing, and get my feet dirty and that was exactly what we did. Here is a bit of what we found.









We did visit all the parks on our list which were from Duluth to the Canadian border briefly, however, if you are looking for more of a backcountry adventure my advise to you would be to stop along the scenic highway and take advantage of the Superior Hiking Trail parking lots and venture the trail leading from these areas. You will find so much more than the parks have to offer in my opinion.

We did climb one mountain/bluff peak during this trip and made many family memories during this week which I will share in the upcoming days. However, right now I need to tend to my numerous laundry piles and my very dirty vehicle that needs a good washing.

More to come……




2 thoughts on “Minnesota’s North Shore Family Vacation- Summer 2016

  1. Love the packing pictures…perhaps a bigger vehicle is needed? LOL We so agree with all the tourist crowds; some of our favorite adventures have been off the beaten path where true natural treasures have been found (and many, many memories made). Get back to that laundry now…

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