Learning New Skills With The Dagger Stratos Kayak

Recently, our son switched gears on us and sold his river running kayak for a much longer lake kayak called the Dagger Stratos. (Which I call,”THE BEAST”) This baby is long!!!!


Which, as a mom, I have been stressing each and every time he gets in it that he has never wet exited and figured out how to re enter this beast. Our river running kayaks we practice the wet exit every spring as a refresher and getting back in is never an issue on a river. But when you are paddling big bodies of water with this type of kayak its a whole different animal to re enter the kayak.

Well, the time finally came where he could give this a try. We were on a lake we knew well and both of us could be there to assist if needed. So we suited up and I let dad go in with him…although I was not far away dock side to jump in if needed.

First, he flipped this beast over and got out. No problem!


And then he was set on straddling the boat from behind and re entering it. Since on any trip he will always have his camera gear secured to the top, front side of the kayak as seen here, he thought this would be the easiest way of re entering.


After numerous tries and many flips he finally made it successfully back into the seat of his kayak.






Now, his next goal is to roll this beast without exiting…..which I can’t even imagine. Although, he claims it will be easy….we shall see.


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