Is It Friday Already?

I couldn’t believe it was Friday when I woke up this morning. My week has just flew by and here we are embarking on another summer weekend.

We have been really working on getting some projects done during the week so our weekends are free to enjoy summer to the fullest extent. One of those projects is my husband and son need to build a kayak/SUP carrier that will make our utility trailer more watercraft friendly. And since our son decided to switch from a river running kayak to a much longer model this is a job that needs to be done and finished asap.


Before they can design the trailer to carry all our different kayaks and my SUP we needed to first, fit this beast of a kayak into the garage. You see, every time we buy another piece of watercraft this seems to be an issue. However, we have come to the point that if one is purchased one needs to be sold, which he did. But…the new kayak he purchased is at least twice the size of the old kayak. Thankfully, dad had it all worked out in his head and thankfully that plan worked out in real life. (This does not always happen as planned)


That shall do it for now. Our weekend is up in the air with a few things at this point but is sure to be fun and exciting with the very nice weather we are predicted to have.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there.

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