An Awesome Week Completed

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Wow, did I have a great week.

It no secret that my weeks have been a struggle lately. By Thursday I am mentally exhausted and Friday’s are usually a blur at best. This week however, was fantastic. I had energy every night of the week after work and was in the best mood ever. One night we disc golfed a local course,


another night we walked three miles after dinner, the next night we got in a gym workout, and one night I had a great workout with a friend in a local park.


This outdoor park workout has turned into one of my favorite places to exercise. Find a quiet park with a big shade tree and grab a yoga mat and do what comes to mind. From yoga to strength training it’s just a great place to workout. Add a partner and you have the makings of a good time.

As for our weekend plans…..we are FINALLY picking up our son’s new kayak. It’s a week late in arriving and it’s driving him insane to have nice weather and nothing to paddle. So you can bet we will be spending some time on the water this weekend.

Have a great weekend……

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