Picture Perfect Weekend

I have one word for this past weekend…….AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

It started with the making of some sangria slush.


To taking my last day of the sunshine vitamin until next fall.


Washing our bedding and winter jackets to hang outside for freshness. IMG_3808

I cleaned the last remnants of winter from the inside and outside of our vehicles.


Had my wonderful, willing husband pressure wash all my outdoor play toys.


We ate our first meal outside this year. Something I LOVE to do.


We then took a trail walk to end a big day. It was wonderful to see no more ice bergs floating around and wildlife enjoying the sunshine as much as we did.



Sunday brought just a few little chores around the house and then we decided we just had to give paddling a try. Its been so long since our kayaks have been in the water, with my husbands back injury last summer and my recent surgery…..we just had to see if we still had it in us to paddle. Clearly we did and it felt wonderful to be in the water again.





Our weekend ended with a game of disc golf.


Awesome I tell you……….Awesome!!!!!


Did you have a good weekend?

What did you do for fun?


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