Meadow Ridge Trail – Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve

The Meadow Ridge trail in the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve is a wonderful peaceful hike through many different types of areas. From open grass lands to tree covered, shady areas it is a great spring hike.


When you arrive at the preserve you will find a fairly large parking lot near the main entrance of the community building.


You will then clearly see the beginning of many different trails and a map of the area. Choose your trail and begin.


All of this trail is crushed gravel and has fairly decent water runoff considering we hiked it in the beginning of March and it was not too wet at all.


Being this is a waterfowl preserve, you will come across numerous ponds and a stream,





many different bird observation areas,



and wonderful signs that are clearly marked along each trail.



In the spring of the year you may even get lucky and see the Sugar Shack cooking maple syrup like we did.



And for all you history buffs, there is also many different informative plaques along the entire trail


We have visited here in the summer months and found this trail extremely hot and sunny in some parts. And I must inform everyone who dislikes snakes as much as I do, this is not your trail to hike in the heat of summer. There are NUMEROUS snakes and will make for a VERY stressful and terrifying hike. Now, if you enjoy these types of slithering reptiles, you will love this trail in the summer months.



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