52 Hike Challenge Update/Returning To Work Finally

I finally returned to work full time this week. I was not sure how everyone would return and was prepared for the worst but surprisingly they all returned with smiles. I had the happiest group of kids and that made me feel pretty great. Physically, I had my moments for sure. By evening I was sore but not in what I would call PAIN and no doubt exhausted. One night I was sleeping in the recliner 45 minutes after they all left….wow was I tired.

Tired was the name of the game this week and clearly you can see this in my workouts. However, in my defense, we did play outside many times this week which is also a workout with three kids. So ultimately, I think for the first week back I did ok. Here take a look:

Saturday: 2.5 mile trail hike,

gym: 20 minute elliptical

Sunday: 3 mile trail hike

Monday: 30 minute recumbent bike, arms/legs workout

Tuesday: 1.5 mile walk outside (morning), 2 mile mall walk (evening)

Wednesday: arms and legs workout

Thursday: 30 minute recumbent bike, arms/legs workout, 3 mile morning walk, 1.5 mile evening hike

Friday: rest

With three more hikes added to my list this week I am even closer to accomplishing the 52 hike challenge.


We are still making progress on our to do list for Spring but I am hoping to add at least one more hike to the log this weekend to get me a little closer to this goal.

Have a great weekend everyone:-)



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