Less Time On The Trail…..More Time In The Gym

It has happened….I knew it would eventually, I was just hoping it would not be so severe.

IMG_3218We have been buried in 13+ inches of snow in 12 hrs.. I had friends call me, email me and send me sympathy thoughts all night while I sat and listened to the wind and snow fall outside with a furious punch. My husband tried to lighten my mood by making cookies that evening, my son had friends walk over in the blizzard only to laugh and enjoy each others company…..all while I sat on my couch and let a wave of sadness take over my body.  IMG_3219

For now, I will be spending much less time off the trails and a lot more time in the gym I suppose. Ultimately, it is what it is and I just have to learn to accept it until the time comes that I can change it. However, it does not make it any easier.

Here’s to the next few months dreaming of warmer weather and green grass.  IMG_3223


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