The Crack Of Thunder vs. The Growl Of A Snow Plow

I came to the conclusion this weekend that I would much rather wake up to the crack of thunder than the growl of a snow plow early on a weekend morning. I am happy to report that the precipitation the professionals all had predicted for our area Sunday morning fell in the form of rain and I could not have had a bigger smile on my face. Thank the Lord above for this being rain and not snow. We would have been buried!

 rain in mid DecemberIMG_3031

Let’s take a look at what else happened on a positive note this weekend.

Lunch out with a friend who I have not seen in months. It was great to catch up and chat.    IMG_1865

Two great workouts accomplished


Homemade lasagna with this recipe


That pretty much sums up my weekend. Warm temps, good friends, great workouts and comfort food….who could ask for anything more?

With Christmas being a little over a week away our calendar is pretty full with family and friends get togethers coming up. We have two parties to attend and I am hoping to fit in some vehicle shopping somewhere in that mess. My boys attempted to finish good ole mom for Christmas yesterday and they came home a few hours later ready to both take up drinking from the mass chaos happening at this time of year in the stores. I secretly chuckled …..alright maybe not secretly….I actually laughed out loud at their frustration. I often ask to just buy my own gifts to make life easier on them but every year I am turned down and they ask for just a list. I think I may be getting closer and closer to them giving in and letting me do this after this years experience.

Do you buy for your spouse for the holiday?

Is it more important to get them what they ask for or get them something you think they would like?



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