Getting Back In The Groove

After last week I needed to find my groove again in the workout scene. I was able to reset during the weekend by taking a nice hike with my husband and then felt ready to face the week head on.

I started the week happy to have my shopping completely done, wrapped and ready for Christmas. I felt good that everything that fell apart last week was once again put all back together and ready to go. And I won’t lie, another week of winter with no snow made me one happy camper. Many people complain it’s not Christmas without snow…I disagree. Look around, it’s everywhere. Music, lights, gifts, crazy crowds everywhere….tis the season whether there is snow or not. However, since there is no snow it could be the perfect opportunity to make some new traditions…..maybe go for a family hike/walk on Christmas Eve and after have hot chocolate together. We did this last Christmas Eve and it was the best Christmas Eve I have ever had. Christmas is what you make of it, not what makes Christmas.

photo courtesy of our son,Quade Byrnes


Regardless of snow or no snow, we all still should exercise. So now, let’s take a look at the workouts I did this week:

Saturday: gym: 30 minute elliptical, weights and stretching

Sunday: 4.5 mile trail hike


Monday: rest

Tuesday: home: 15 minute recumbent bike, total body weights

gym: 30 minute elliptical, lower body weights and stretching

Wednesday: home: 30 minute recumbent bike and a 3 mile walk outside

Thursday: home: upper body weights, 3 mile walk outside with my toddlers in the morning….it was so gorgeous for December:)

Our original plan for this evening was a visit to the gym…although with a record high of 54 degrees we opted for another 3 mile walk outside and we adored all the Christmas lights together.

Friday: rest



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