Mountain Bay State Trail

Let’s take a a look at a small portion of a 83 mile trail that starts or ends here in our area.

The Mountain Bay State Trail is one of the longest rail trails we have here.The 3 mile section of the trail I am very familiar with travels from Cty.Rd. J (also known as Lakeview Dr.) and goes just beyond Rockwell Rd.. Starting at Cty. Rd.J you will find a small parking lot that can easily park 10-12 vehicles. In this area they also have one canopy covered picnic table and in the summer months a porta potty.


At this starting point you will find doggy bags/pet rules and an information board.


This part of the trail starts out next to a stream on your left and continues through residential, wooded and also industrial areas along the way. Which does not sound very appealing until you find out that you are well above all these looking down into these area. The trail is wide, crushed gravel and is very well maintained.


There are very few benches for rest along this stretch but plenty of area to just sit along the side the trail and take a break if needed. IMG_2954 At the end of this stretch you will come to a gated street crossing which is Rockwell Rd. IMG_2959 Crossing this road and walking to the next canopy covering over the trail will bring you just under 3 miles one way. This trail is mostly used by runners and walkers but I have seen individuals with bikes occasionally also. For the most part pet owners seem to pick up after there animals and in my eyes that makes this a wonderful trail to be on.

If you are in the Green Bay area for business or pleasure and want somewhere other than the street to walk/hike/jog or bike this would be a nice option.

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