Our Thanksgiving Day

My day started at 6a.m. when I woke up. With only us three to prepare Thanksgiving meal for I was not a bit concerned about being ready. So as I have every year for the past few I started my day with a workout. Only this year I had a workout buddy. I had been telling a friend of mine for quite sometime that exercise is the best mood elevator in the world. Not to mention it makes you feel better, healthier and so on. I think after hearing me preach this for so long she finally decided to give it a try and that is exactly what we did today.


It must have been meant to be since she ironically received a free “guest pass” in the mail the day before Thanksgiving.


I was very happy to have the company and she did fabulous for her first time.

After the gym I arrived home to find my husband preparing to smoke a turkey breast for the first time ever.


Since this takes significantly longer than preparing an entire bird I was able to do some prep work on the whole turkey we had also planned on cooking, IMG_2915

get some laundry done (it really never ends),


and dig out our Christmas decor containers.

By mid afternoon our house was smelling very yummy. The smoked turkey breast was finished and was set aside to rest,


the table was set, and the roasted bird was ready for carving.

IMG_2927We ate Thanksgiving dinner as a family and the rest of the night is history. A little lounging, a little puzzle time, and a little more lounging. We all agreed it was a pretty awesome day.




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