When Life Gets In The Way Of Workouts….

Well, I have decided to nix yoga from my workout routine. I just went back to it last week and besides being sore I felt wonderful afterwards. However, the day after I started having some pain in my right ankle again. I did not think anything of it at first but after a day or two I started wondering what I could have done to cause the pain. And it dawned on me fairly quickly…..I tried doing yoga with my shoes on and found it difficult so I removed my shoes about half way through the routine and that is a BIG NO NO for me these days. Ever since tearing two tendons and spending weeks in an immobility boot I was told to never go without insoles and shoes for a long period of time or during a strenuous activity. Needless to say, I forgot and did this to preform yoga and I would bet that is what caused my pain this time.


I do have hope that this time I don’t believe the tendons are torn like last time. However, I do think they are overworked/stressed in some fashion to have the tenderness I have. For now, I am hoping they heal themselves by resting as much as I can and not putting any extra pressure on my feet. As you can see below, workouts at the end of this week have been very limited thanks to some family medical issues we needed to attend which left no time what so ever to exercise anyhow. Ultimately, this was probably a blessing, since the more I stay off the foot/ankle the faster the healing process will be. If nothing else works and I see no improvement I still have that horrendous boot I could go back to for a few weeks. Although, I am not quite ready to go to that extreme quite yet….

Enough with all my aches and pains…..let’s take a look at what I did accomplish this week.

Saturday: Gym: 30 minute elliptical, total body weights, stretching

Sunday: Gym: 30 minute elliptical and upper body weights, stretching

(Today was rough but sometimes getting dressed and getting to the gym is half the battle. Once I arrive I figure I might as well workout since I am there.Which is exactly what I did….happy to get there and just as happy to be done.)

Monday: 1.5 mile walk, 30 minute recumbent bike, weights and stability ball routine

Tuesday: 1.5 mile walk, 30 minute recumbent bike, weights and stability ball routine

Wednesday: 30 minute bike and tons of outside time with temps in the high 60’s, this was quite the treat for us summer lovers:)

Thursday: rest…..although walking the halls of a hospital should count for something….right?

Friday: rest….still dealing with family medical issues all day and night


As you see on Sunday I struggled. For no apparent reason I just did not feel like exercising but I did it anyhow. And Thursday and Friday were days I really had no choice but to take off. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you just need to accept it for what it is.

My feelings on this weeks accomplishments….honestly, it killed me not to attend the gym all week since stress is high here at the moment and I love a good sweat. However, considering a sore ankle, gorgeous temps and my husband needing all the family support he can gather at the moment….I am ok with what I did get in for workouts.

What is the hardest part of your workout routine?

What do you do when you just are not feeling it?

Do you roll with it or feel guilty when life matters get in the way of your workout routine?

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