Our Prayers To The Utah Hiking Community


A few short weeks ago my family was enjoying the beauty of the Utah area.


As I watched and listened to the numerous stories online and on television about the flash flooding and deaths that came to those hikers in Zion National Park this week I couldn’t help but wonder what they went through.

This area is where I find true happiness. It fulfills my passion for hiking and living large. I can only pray that this group of men and women were doing something they loved, in a place they loved.

This is simply heartbreaking and our prayers go out to their family and friends.


2 thoughts on “Our Prayers To The Utah Hiking Community

  1. This has flooded my Facebook timeline like crazy since yesterday afternoon. I’ve never hiked with these victims but SoCal hiking community has lost 7 hikers in that flash floods and one of them was a very popular leader of one of the big hiking meetup groups here in SoCal. Everyone who came across with two particular hikers, Don T (the leader) and Muku, in one way or another re-shared their photos from their old hikes and made such a heart felt and moving tributes to them in this tragedy. It was truly a sad day for many here in SoCal, I have never felt such a strong presence of social media by sharing what we have lost like this ever

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